Cellphone games on British Corbyn, Congo and more

This video from Britain says about itself:


29 May 2017

Follow us on Corbyn’s adventure to defeat the evil witch!

Hi guys! We are Geronimo and Gonzolaz, your favourite Norwegian and British Mexicans (not really Mexican). We produce gaming content every day! Check back each morning or after school!

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By Ben Cowles in Britain:

Game for the many not the few, if ever there was one

Tuesday 13th July 2017

Game On with Ben Cowles

WITH the electorate presented with a clear choice last Thursday between the Tory vision of a capitalist nightmare and a Labour society for the many, Corbyn Run is nothing if not timely.

In this beautifully rendered 8-bit endless runner, you control Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he sprints from left to right through Britain’s streets, liberating dosh from Theresa Mayhem’s Conservatives and her tax-dodging chums.

Each banker, Bullingdon boy and Tory MP you bash adds to the people-power meter which, when filled, allows you to launch popular manifesto pledges like introducing a £10 minimum wage, saving the NHS, putting an end to tuition fees and building a million new affordable homes.

Not only will you have to dodge champagne bottles dropped by your dastardly rich foes and the potholes caused by years of Tory neglect but each manifesto pledge you launch angers the dark forces of unfettered capitalism and unleashes an arch Tory upon the screen.

Look out for Boris Johnson, who flings Union flags your way and the ghost of Margaret Thatcher, who blasts Corbyn with the tears of the working class.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has praised the initiative of the game’s creators Games for the Many, saying that though “the Tories may own the media … it’s the people whose creativity will win.” Quite.

This video from the USA says about itself:

How Social Media Propelled The Rise Of Jeremy Corbyn

13 June 2017

TYT Politics Reporter Michael Tracey sits down to speak with Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media, to talk about how social media was and still is being used to spread Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive message.

This video says about itself:

Phone Story: An iPhone educational game. Now banned from the AppStore

14 September 2011

Phone Story is an educational game about the dark side of your favorite smart phone. Follow your phone’s journey around the world and fight the market forces in a spiral of planned obsolescence.

I managed to grab a copy before Apple pulled it, so I was able to capture this video from the iPhone 😉

The Ben Cowles article continues:

Another much darker game, focusing on the harsh societal and environmental effects of consumer capitalism, is Phone Story.

Banned on the iTunes app store but available at phonestory.org, the game tells the complete journey your smartphone took to make it into your hands.

Though it presents itself in cutesy 8-bit graphics, the game will take you to some disturbing places.

In one level, you take control of soldiers at a coltan mine in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo and ensure that the child labour doesn’t stop digging.

In another, you prevent workers at the suicide-inducing Foxconn sweatshop in China from jumping to their deaths. In another, you sort through discarded phone waste in a Bangladeshi landfill.

Phone Story is more interactive journalism than video game and is well worth experiencing, especially for anyone unperturbed by the climate change, the effects of advertising and the dwindling of human and working rights we’ve seen for the last 30 years.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Thoughts and Prayers: The Video Game – GrandPaGrandMaGames

20 June 2016

In which we play the hilarious parody game “Thoughts and Prayers.”

The Ben Cowles article continues:

Another free subversive game is Thoughts and Prayers: The Game. It’s available, among many other great little gems ridiculing the US Republican Party, at goparcade.com.

“America faces an epidemic of mass shootings,” says the game’s opening screen. “It’s up to you to stop them with your thoughts and prayers.”

It presents you with a map of the US and a 30-second timer. Periodically, mass shootings pop up on the map, showing the death toll and accompanied by the now obligatory #PrayforBoston, #PrayforNewYork or #Prayforwherever.

As the death toll rises, your only options are to “think” or “pray.” Eventually a third option appears: “Ban assault weapons sales.”

But, should you press it, be prepared to be greeted with backwards Republican logic.

At the end of the 30-second time limit you’re presented with the number of thoughts and prayers you made alongside the number of deaths they prevented.

Don’t expect that number to be much.

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