8 thoughts on “Tony Blair prefers Boris Johnson to Corbyn

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    • Corbyn campaigned extensively for a Remain vote. However, he refused to say that everything about the pro-capitalist and militarist European Union is hunky-dory. That would have been a lie. And he also did not campaign jointly with pro-Remain Conservatives like then Prime Minister Cameron and successor Theresa May; and with the Liberal Democrats, recent government coalition partners of the Conservatives. The Blairite right wing in Labour then attempted an anti-Corbyn coup against the vote by Labour members, claiming that Corbyn should have lied how spotless the European Union supposedly is; and should have campaigned jointly with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

      Earlier, during the referendum on Scottish independence, Blairite Scottish Labour leader Murphy had campaigned jointly with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats against Scottish independence. That angered the Scottish electorate: Labour, traditionally the biggest party in Scotland, suffered a big blow from which it has not recovered yet.

      If Corbyn would have obeyed the Blairites and would have campaigned jointly with Cameron and May, then Labour would have suffered a blow similar to Scotland in England and Wales.

      The Blairites forced a new Labour leadership election. Corbyn won, with a bigger majority than the first time. And in the 2017 general election, Labour won most votes ever since 1945 and the Conservatives lost their majority.


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