ISIS attacks Syrian Kurds from Turkish territory

This 16 November 2014 video from the USA is called Jon Stewart: Turkey: Erdogan helps ISIS at Kobane.

According to Turkish journalist Murat Bay, ISIS fighters crossed the border today to attack Syrian Kurds before the eyes of Turkish soldiers. These soldiers saw that and did absolutely nothing.

Kurdish blogger Gilgamesh confirms this invasion.

See also here.

The co-chair of the Kobane council, Anwar Muslim, went farther with the allegations: “Under the pretense of stopping an ISIS attack on Turkey the Turkish army bombarded the center of Kobane with tanks and artillery. A number of civilians and fighters have been wounded.” Muslim claimed the Turkish authorities cut electricity during their bombardment: here.

REBELS REPORT ISIS LAUNCHED ATTACK FROM TURKEY “Any day now, the U.S. and Turkey may finally reach an agreement on jointly combating the Islamic State. But in the meantime, Turkey appears less helpful to the U.S. mission than ever: There is growing evidence that Islamic State militants conducted a battle on Turkish soil this past weekend. The reports, if confirmed, would illustrate that Turkey’s ongoing reluctance to escalate pressure against the Islamic State has had real costs — and that, even if the country does become more involved in the fight, skepticism about its true intentions will linger.” [HuffPost]

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, Jihadists attacked with stones two men aged 18 and 20 accused of being homosexuals. The same source supports that the 20 year old victim was later executed in the city Magianten in the eastern Deir Al-Zor province after Jihadists allegedly found pictures with ”shameful acts between men” in his phone: here.

The US war on the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’ or ISIL, also known as Islamic State of IS – the single biggest development in US foreign policy during 2014 – continues to puzzle those looking for its strategic logic. But the solution to the puzzle lies in considerations that have nothing to do with a rational response to realities on the ground. In fact, it is all about domestic political and bureaucratic interests: here.

Is Turkey holding up a resolution in Syria? The pieces for a political deal to end the Syrian civil war are coming together — if Ankara will let them: here.

$25 IS ALL YOU NEED TO GET FROM TURKEY TO SYRIA Behind Turkey’s “jihadi highway.” [Sophia Jones, HuffPost]

116 thoughts on “ISIS attacks Syrian Kurds from Turkish territory

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  2. ISIS gangs in Turkish military uniforms

    It has been discovered that the ISIS gangs who launched this morning’s attacks were dressed in Turkish miltary uniforms and shaved themselves in order to pass as soldiers.

    It has been discovered that the ISIS gangs who launched this morning’s attacks on Kobanê from Mürşit Pınar border gate and Kaniya Kurda were dressed in Turkish miltary uniforms and shaved themselves in order to pass as soldiers.

    According to the information obtained by the ANF reporter in Kobanê, the ISIS gang members who launched the attack on the town were dressed in Turkish military uniforms and shaved their beards in order to pass as soldiers.
    Source: KOBANÊ – ANF 25-06-2015

    ‘It is impossible to attack the border gate from anywhere but Turkey’

    All findings on the ISIS attack on Kobanê in which tens of civilians were brutally massacred point at Turkey’s central role in the attack.

    All findings on the ISIS attack on Kobanê in which tens of civilians were brutally massacred point at Turkey’s central role in the attack. Kobanê Canton Defense Minister Şex Hesen who spoke to ANF stated that it was impossible to attack the border gate with vehicles full of explosives from anywhere but Turkey.


    ISIS gangs infiltrated into Kobanê from Turkey yesterday and carried out several attacks in and around the city center that claimed the lives of tens of civilians. ISIS gangs blasted a vehicle near Mürşitpınar border gate and attacked the villages of Kaniya Kurda and Berxbatan as well as the Hellince road and the government building with bombs, rifles and snipers. 107 civilians were massacred during the attacks and many others were wounded.


    YPG/YPJ forces responded strongly to ISIS attacks and encircled gang groups in Şehid Moro neighborhood, Qada Azadi, Kaniya Kurda and Kobanê high school. YPG/YPJ fighters killed tens of gangs, expulsed all gang members except for the ones in Kobanê high school, and caught 3 gang members alive.


    ISIS gangs’ attack on Kobanê yesterday resembles the one that happened on November 29 in many aspects. Gang members had also crossed into Kobanê from Turkey back then and attacked in 3 different locations. Yesterday’s attack began with the bomb attack on the border gate and continued in different locations.


    It is certain that the gangs who infiltrated from Turkey carried out the attacks on the border gate and Kaniya Kurda because transportation to these places from another location is geographically impossible. There are dozens of YPG/YPJ checkpoints on the way to the border gate and Kaniya Kurda from within Syria and Rojava, and YPG/YPJ forces prevented previous suicide attack attempts before the gangs reached the city center.

    Cerablus road to the west, Halep road to the south, and the Hellince road to the east of Kobanê are the only roads ISIS gangs could have used for transportation, which are under heavy YPG/YPJ control. Even during the ISIS occupation of Kobanê last December, explosive vehicles were blasted and prevented from reaching Kobanê by YPG/YPJ fighters. ISIS gangs have been aware of these YPG/YPJ preventions and had not tried similar suicide missions since Kobanê resistance.


    The attacks at the border gate came from Turkey and anyone could see this when they watch the video footage of the explosive vehicle entering Kobanê. Gangs who infiltrated in the town from the border gate and Kaniya Kurda had uniforms identical to Turkish military clothes and had shaved their beards in order to pass as Turkish soldiers and avoid detection.

    In light of all these events, YPG/YPJ’s main success has been capturing 3 gang members alive and the information they will give during interrogation will be crucial. Turkey’s gun and personnel support to ISIS, witness statements, seized documents, and the details of the last ISIS attack point at Turkey as the center in which this ISIS massacre was planned.

    ISIS gangs coming from Hellince road wore FSA uniforms, the gangs who attacked the villages nearby had YPG uniforms on them and the gangs coming from Kaniya Kurda wore Turkish military outfits. This method has also been widely used by the Turkish military in counter guerilla activities in Northern Kurdistan.


    Another important detail of the attacks is Anadolu Agency’s live coverage of the explosion in the Mürşitpınar border gate. This suggests that either AA was informed about the attacks before they took place, or ISIS gangs shared the video footage of the attack with AA. Either possibility points at the complex relations and cooperation between ISIS and the Turkish state, since there is no way for AA to provide live coverage for the attacks that were carried out in great secrecy.


    Kobanê Canton Defense Minister Şex Hesen confirmed our findings on the attacks and said that both the witness statements of YPG/YPJ fighters as well as video recordings confirm these findings.

    Şex Hesen highlighted the impossibility of bringing explosive vehicles to the border gate through Kobanê, and said that they would share more details on the attack in the near future.

    Source: KOBANÊ – ANF -SEDAT SUR 26-06-2015


  3. Three Italian and one French journalist deported

    Four European journalists were arrested in Mürşitpınar located in the Suruç district of Urfa, and deported after being accused of “entering Turkey illegally.”

    Four European journalists were arrested in Mürşitpınar located in the Suruç district of Urfa, and deported after being accused of “entering Turkey illegally.”

    Bianet reported that three Italian and one French journalist were arrested in Mürşitpınar on June 18. Giuseppe Acconcia from the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto and Samuel Forey from the French newspaper Le Figaro were deported on June 20. V.P. and R.C. from the Italian TV channel RAI have also faced the same charges and procedures.

    Le Figaro editor Philippe Gelie told AFP Agency that their employee Samuel Forey had to travel to and from Girê Spî illegally in order to observe the ISIS defeat, and could only send in his article when he was arrested and taken to a Turkish police station. Giuseppe Acconcia from Il Manifesto spoke to RSF about his arrest and said that Turkish officials deported him.

    Turkish journalists who are accused of “crossing the border” are not put on trial but given fees up to 3 thousand TL instead. This fee stays permanently in journalists’ records, which is worrisome in terms of journalists’ safety.

    Source: SURUÇ – ANF 23-06-2015


  4. TURKEY’S main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has warned the government against any military intervention in neighbouring Syria, saying such a move would cost Ankara dearly. ”I am warning them (government officials) not to drag Turkey into an adventure; it would have a high cost,’ said CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu on Monday, the Turkish Hurriyet daily reported.

    The senior opposition figure said that it is ordinary Turkish people and not the politicians who would face the consequences of a potential military action against neighbouring Syria. Kilicdaroglu’s comments came a day after several Turkish media outlets reported that Ankara may be considering a ground incursion into Syria. According to the unconfirmed reports, the government has ordered the army to deploy forces to the border areas in a bid to prevent potential significant gains by Kurdish forces fighting against the Takfiri ISIL terrorists inside Syria.

    On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Syrian Kurds of trying to establish a state in the crisis-hit country’s north, saying Ankara will leave no stone unturned to prevent such an establishment near its borders. Kilicdaroglu, the Turkish opposition leader, further said he has always criticised the government over its policy toward Syria, rejecting claims that Turkey could be a ‘playmaker’ in the Middle East.

    He urged Ankara to consider the suggestion made by former Chief of Staff General Ilker Basbug, who has recently advised the Turkish government to revise its policies on Syria and support the Damascus government in settling the crisis in the neighbouring Arab state.


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  7. YPG Kobanê Commander: Turkish state’s role is documented

    YPG Kobanê Commander Cemil Mazlum stated that the documents they seized include plans of the massacre and one attacking group came to Kobanê from Turkey.

    YPG Kobanê Commander Cemil Mazlum who spoke to ANF stated that the documents they seized include plans of the massacre and one attacking group came to Kobanê from Turkey. YPG Kobanê Commander Cemil Mazlum said that although the investigation continues, initial findings show that the Turkish state carried out part of the attack. Mazlum stated that the Turkish state was planning invade Rojava because it was afraid of Rojava’s unification as well as the bond YPG/YPJ is building with Turkmen people.

    What was the goal and meaning of the massacre of civilians in Kobanê?

    Firstly, we condemn this brutal ISIS massacre and offer our condolences to the families of our martyrs. We bow with respect to the comrades who fell as martyrs as they bravely resisted the massacre.

    The goal of the attack was to target the gains of Kurdish people and prevent the new model we are setting up in Kobanê and Rojava. They carried out the attack when many Kobanê residents were returning to their homes from Turkey, they wanted to prevent people’s return. Another dimension of the attack is the fear and desperation of ISIS gangs, which is a result of their recent losses and enables them to carry out any type of dirty war method.

    What is the role of the Turkish state?

    According to our findings, the Turkish state gave substantial support. 84 ISIS gangs attacked Kobanê and the documents we seized indicate that one attacking group infiltrated from Turkey. The 2 ISIS gangs we caught after the Egyptian gang member also gave us information that confirms this finding.

    What kind of documents are there?

    The documents include the plan of the attack and information on which roads the gangs were planning to use before and after the massacre. The plans show that one group infiltrated from Turkey and another came from Sirîn. A reinforcement group from Cerablus was to attack through Qarakozak, so the Cerablus line the Turkish state discusses was used for the attack of two ISIS groups. The investigation is ongoing but our initial findings show that Turkey carried out the attack.

    As a YPG commander, what can you say about the precautions that should be taken in the face of such attacks?

    Considering the scope of the attack and the support it received, we can describe the resistance of our forces as heroic. However, the massacre shows that we had weaknesses in terms of taking necessary security measures. We have to provide civilians with our self-criticism, and we are working towards improving the role of Asayiş forces, YPG, self-defense forces, and fighters in the villages. We will improve ourselves with the precautions we take and prevent future attacks. We received intelligence that some members of the Ebu İsa group from FSA provided the attackers with support and information. We are trying to uncover the details of this support and we will share the information we receive with the public.

    What is the situation of the war in Kobanê?

    Our operations in the western and eastern fronts of Kobanê ended with success, and we launched an operation in order to expulse the gangs from the southern front. Lastly, we began our initiative to liberate Sirîn, which is a revenge operation. Our initiative continues and we will liberate Sirîn.

    What can you say about the Turkish state’s plans to invade Cerablus?

    After recent YPG/YPJ successes, the Turkish state fears that the ISIS gangs in Cerablus, Ezaz, Minbic and Bab would be expulsed. The Turkish state is upset because of the unification of Rojava and the gains of Kurdish people. Another source of fear is the bond of sisterhood we build with Turkmen people all the way from Cerablus to Efrin. The Turkish state rushes to invade because of such fears, but everyone knows what their invasion means and how it would be responded. We will do all that is necessary for protecting the peoples of Syria from ISIS brutality and liberating our people.

    Source: KOBANÊ – ANF -SEDAT SUR 04-07-2015


  8. Turkse politie pakt 21 IS-verdachten op, onder wie drie buitenlanders

    Door: Huib de Zeeuw

    De Turkse politie heeft in verschillende steden in het land 21 mensen aangehouden die verdacht worden van banden met de Islamitische Staat (IS). Drie van hen zijn buitenlanders die van plan waren om vanuit Turkije naar Syrië te reizen, zo meldt staatspersbureau Anadolu.

    De operaties werden vanochtend uitgevoerd in Istanbul, het nabijgelegen Kocaeli en de zuidelijke steden Sanliurfa (Urfa) en Mersin, die dichtbij de grens met Syrië liggen. Bij de verdachten werden automatische geweren, veel munitie en militaire uniformen in beslag genomen.

    ‘Turkije verantwoordelijk voor groei jihadisten Syrië’

    Turkije ligt al lang onder vuur van NAVO-partners om IS-strijders die naar Syrië afreizen harder aan te pakken. De Amerikaanse vice-president Joe Biden liet vorig jaar tijdens een toespraak op de Harvard universiteit nog weten dat Turkije en Golfstaten als Saoedi-Arabië verantwoordelijk zijn voor de groei van jihadistische groepen in Syrië.

    “Ze hebben honderden miljoenen dollars en duizenden tonnen wapens gegeven aan iedereen die tegen Assad zou vechten. Die wapens zijn terecht gekomen bij al-Nusra, al-Qaeda en extremistische jihadisten van over heel de wereld”.

    Na deze uitspraken moest Biden zijn excuses aanbieden. Toch zijn er meer aanwijzingen dat Turkije een hand heeft in de groei van jihadistische groepen in Syrië. Zo heeft persbureau Reuters verklaringen ingezien van de openbaar aanklager in de Zuid-Turkse stad Mersin die een onderzoek startte naar wapenleveranties eind 2013 begin 2014 van de Turkse geheime dienst MIT aan islamitische rebellen in Syrië. De Turkse president Tayyip Erdogan ontkent dat er wapens worden geleverd aan radicale rebellengroepen, de desbetreffende drie vrachtwagens zaten volgens de president vol met hulpgoederen.

    NRC 10-07-2015


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