Syrian refugee teachers’ training in the Netherlands

This video from the Turkish-Syrian border says about itself:

Syrian Refugees Demolish Barbed-wire Border Fence to Escape ISIS Fighting

15 June 2015

Thousands of refugees poured across the Syrian border into Turkey over the weekend after fighting intensified in the northern Syrian city of Tal Abyad. According to state-run TRT television, around 3,000 refugees arrived at the Akcakale border crossing on Monday.

Journalists at the scene said relatives waited behind fences on the Turkish side of the border for family members to cross on Monday.

More than 16,000 people are believed to have fled from Tal Abyad and surrounding areas into Turkey over the past two weeks.

From Leiden University in the Netherlands:

Training for Syrian refugee teachers

21 January 2016

ICLON and Dutch Academic Services initiate a training for Syrian teachers in the Netherlands about the use of mobile teaching.

Taking into account recent developments in Syria and the Middle East it can be expected that there will be a huge need for education among Syrian refugees. That need can only be addressed by ‘out of the box’ methods: that is using flexible online (or blended) learning programmes.

While understanding this situation ICLON and Dutch Academic Services initiate a training course for professionals with an educational background: The Mobile Educator.

The training is offered free of charge. The trainers work on a voluntary basis and funds are being raised for additional costs for transport and lunch.

The training starts on 16 February.

More information and application: website Mobile Educator

The European Union Wants to Criminalize Volunteers Who Help Refugees on Greek Islands: here.

3 thoughts on “Syrian refugee teachers’ training in the Netherlands

  1. Tuesday 2nd February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    FIVE asylum-seekers will received fully funded scholarships to the University of Edinburgh, it announced yesterday.

    As well as the five undergraduate scholarships, the university will make £100,000 available for other forms of assistance such as English-language support for asylum-seekers and refugees.

    Edinburgh principal professor Sir Tim O’Shea said the university wanted to “support the aspiration of asylum-seekers to continue their education.”

    Mr O’Shea also confirmed that other undergraduate students seeking asylum will pay tuition fees of £1,820, rather than the rates applied to international students which are around nine times higher.

    He said: “Asylum-seekers are routinely charged international fees and are not permitted to apply for any student loans, effectively placing a university education beyond their financial means.”

    Mr O’Shea said that the offer was “one of the best packages of support for asylum-seekers in the UK.”


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