Erdogan, stop bombing Kurds in Iraq, Iraqi government says

Erdogan and Syrian Kurds

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Iraq condemns bombing of PKK camps

Today, 14:55

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi has condemned the Turkish bombardment of PKK camps in northern Iraq. He sees the attacks as a serious violation of the independence of Iraq and fears a “dangerous escalation” of conflicts.

Abadi calls on the Turks in order to avoid further escalation and find a solution to the crisis.

Turkey has intensified the attacks on the armed wing of the PKK after the NATO allies yesterday proclaimed their support to Turkey’s approach to terrorism.

The approach of the Turkish Erdogan government to terrorism is now: a few symbolic actions against ISIS terrorists who had used Turkey as their base for violence in Syria for a long time; and many more attacks on the only effective force fighting these ISIS terrorists: the Kurds in Syria, in Turkey, in Iraq.

In an article on the site of NOS TV from the Netherlands, Kurds in Iraq describe the Turkish armed forces as ‘the air force of ISIS’.

26 thoughts on “Erdogan, stop bombing Kurds in Iraq, Iraqi government says

  1. Herbert Walker Bush promised the Kurds safety for their help in his war.
    . You know what happened there. President Obama better make sure the
    Kurds, our only faithful partners in the war on ISIS are protected!!


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  20. ‘We do not have security of life and property because of Turkey’

    Residents of Binarê in South Kurdistan’s Qandil region stated that they do not have security of life and property because of Turkey’s aerial bombardments.

    Villagers living the outskirts of mountains have been affected from most of the aerial attacks the Turkish state has been carrying out on Medya Defense Zones since July 24. Residents of Binarê have been affected the most and objected to the aerial bombardments that inflict life and property damage. The villagers need their gardens for their survival, and criticized the Iraqi government for allowing the aerial attacks.


    Şemal Şexan is one of the residents of Binarê and said that they had to continue living in the villages due to the ongoin economic crisis, but were unable to work their fields due to the lack of security of life and property. Şexan stated that car bombs could go off at any point in the cities, and the bombardments of the Turkish state threaten villagers in rural areas. Şexan criticized the Iraqi government for Kurdish citizens’ lack of security, and said that Kurdish people would never abandon their lands. Lastly, Şexan called upon the people of South Kurdistan to not be silent, and described silence as complicity in the on-going crime.

    A woman named Fatım, who lives in her village with her children, said that the fear of a bombardment was constant and her children could not sleep at night. Fatım said that it was now the season for gardening but the Turkish state bombarded villagers’ gardens and prevented the resident from freely leaving their houses. Fatım said that the memory of Zergele was still fresh, and condemned the silence of the Iraqi government on the issue. Fatım said that the government was leaving the people unprotected and poor, and there was not much that citizens could expect from the government in this regard.


    A villager named Porê Mêr said that the bombardments prevent families and friends from getting together, which has reduced social relations in the environment. Mêr stated that they were getting killed and this was affecting the psychology of children in the village. Mêr criticized the government for its silence on the issue, and said that the government’s support for Erdoğan was the cause of this silence. Mêr noted that Erdoğan was massacring Kurdish people in both North and South Kurdistan, and called upon the people of South Kurdistan to not be silent since they could be the next targets tomorrow.

    Source: BEHDINAN – ANF – ROZA AMED 19-05-2016


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