Turkish anti-terror protests and governmental repression

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11 October 2015

Thousands of people gathered in Ankara on Sunday to mourn the victims of twin explosions that shook Turkey’s capital the previous day, killing [more than] 95 people.

By Halil Celik in Turkey:

Turkish government tries to repress a growing wave of protests

15 October 2015

Mass protests, boycotts and strikes sparked by the October 10 double suicide bombing targeting a peace march in Ankara have spread across Turkey. Burial ceremonies of the victims of the Ankara bombings have become anti-government rallies, with thousands of mourners chanting “Murderer Erdoğan” and “The murderous state will he held to account.”

On October 12 and 13, an alliance of labor unions affiliated to the main opposition parties and professional organisations held a two-day nationwide strike. Tens of thousands of medical staff, teachers, municipal employees and lawyers struck, while university students boycotted their lessons in some faculties.

The Confederation of Progressive Workers’ Unions (DİSK), the Confederation of Public Laborers’ Unions (KESK), the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), and the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) took part in the action.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has intensified its pressure on the media and mobilised the police to suppress the rising tide of opposition. The government used the police to impose bans on protest rallies.

On Tuesday, the Istanbul Governor’s Office refused to grant permission for the proposed march from Sirkeci and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty to Beyazıt Square, saying, “The governorate does not find the planned march and rally appropriate, regarding the sensitivity of the present period.” In other parts of Istanbul, riot police brutally attacked those who defied the ban.

Also on Wednesday, an Ankara court issued a broad media ban on reporting on the Ankara suicide bomber investigation. According to Hürriyet Daily News, the ban includes “all kinds of news, interviews, criticism and similar publications in print, visual, social media and all kinds of media on the Internet.”

The general strike, called by unions and associations affiliated with the pro-Kemalist Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the mainly Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), mobilised only a minority of the working class. DISK limited its action to walkouts in municipalities under the CHP or HDP control, with the support of the mayors.

There are widespread accusations of state involvement in the Ankara bombings, with claims that the government knew the attacks would take place or directly staged them.

The government has carried out showpiece arrests of suspected members of the Islamic State (IS) in a number of provinces across Turkey. On Tuesday, the police claimed to have identified one of the suicide bomber suspects as Yunus Emre Alagoz, the brother of a bomber who killed 33 people in a separate suicide blast in Suruc in July, also said to be linked to IS. The other bomber was identified as Omer Deniz Dundar, using DNA from the blast. The two were reportedly on a list of 21 potential suicide bombers.

The government declared late on Tuesday that it had removed the police, intelligence and security chiefs of Ankara from their posts in an effort “to conduct an effective investigation into Saturday’s bombings.”

This came after a meeting between Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the leader of main opposition CHP, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who asked for the resignation or removal of Interior Minister Selami Altınok and Justice Minister Kenan İpek.

After initially declaring that the attack on a pro-peace rally, with a heavy presence of the HDP, was most likely the work of IS—which is at war with the Kurds in Syria and Turkey—the AKP government is now floating an amalgam between the IS and PKK.

Davutoğlu said that the government and police had “made progress on the planning phase of this attack. All the evidence indicates the existence of two different terror organisations. We are trying to find out whether there was collaboration between these two gangs [i.e., IS and the PKK].”

Indicating that more repression is planned, he added that he had “instructed the cabinet to review our entire legal framework on the conduct of public demonstrations,” saying, “There is work for a new security concept.”

The AKP, unable to form a coalition government after elections in June, has called fresh elections for November 1. However, with opposition to its rule increasing, it is relying on whipping up anti-terror and anti-Kurd, pro-war sentiment to mobilise its own base and legitimise the suppression of its political opponents and the media.

“As we go to the November 1 elections, there are those now trying to block the establishment of long-term stability in the country,” Davutoğlu said. “The main question of the June 7 elections was whether the HDP would pass the 10 percent threshold. The question before this election is whether the AKP will form a one-party government. The objective of this attack is to threaten democracy in Turkey. That’s why the AKP is under attack even before the incident in a bid to influence election results.”

There is rising concern within ruling circles over the stability of the country and the survival of the government. Powerful sections of the Turkish bourgeoisie have withdrawn their support, either from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or from the AKP itself. Some analysts in the media are speculating on the possibility of a broad-based coalition between the AKP and CHP, which would “re-establish stability and revitalise the peace process with the Kurds.”

But the AKP is also threatened by a growing rift with Turkey’s Western allies, above all the United States, over its well-established relations with IS and other Islamist groups and its ongoing war against the PKK. This is cutting across Washington’s alliance with the Kurds in Syria, a key element in US efforts to curb IS and pave the way for a long-desired regime change removing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Even while pledging support for Turkey, and ignoring appeals from Ankara, which has been involved in conflicts with Russia over intrusions into its airspace, the US last Friday went ahead with plans to remove its Patriot air defence missiles from the Kurdish southeast. Germany said it would do the same.

Yesterday, Turkey summoned the US ambassador in Ankara to express concerns at a reported transfer of 120 tons of weapons and ammunition to the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is an ally of the PKK.

“Turkey cannot accept cooperation with terrorist organisations that waged a war against us,” Davutoğlu said at a press conference with Bulgaria’s prime minister, Boyko Borisov, in İstanbul. “Turkey is determined to fight against all organisations linked to the PKK, in the same way the US and other allies fought against al-Qaeda affiliates while fighting al-Qaeda itself.”

With an eye to reports that Moscow has also sent arms to the Kurds, he stressed, “This stance has been conveyed to the US and Russia.”

The YPG has declared the formation of a new military alliance with a number of Arab groups, calling itself the Democratic Forces of Syria. A YPG statement, sent to Reuters on Monday, says, “The sensitive stage our country Syria is going through and rapid developments on the military and political front…require that there be a united national military force for all Syrians, joining Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and other groups.”

13 thoughts on “Turkish anti-terror protests and governmental repression

  1. KCK: AKP responsible for the massacre in Ankara

    KCK called upon all the democracy forces, peoples of Turkey and the Kurdish people to enhance the democratic struggle and protest the Ankara massacre and its perpetrators.

    KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about today’s twin blasts that left at least 86 people dead and over a hundred wounded, as much as has been confirmed so far.

    KCK underlined that enhancing the democratic struggle was the only way to eliminate the mindset and policies that have caused this massacre and conflict in the country, and called upon all the democracy forces, peoples of Turkey and the Kurdish people to protest the Ankara massacre and its perpetrators.

    Recalling that the Ankara massacre has been the third mass murder since the beginning of the election process, after those in Amed and Suruç, KCK said the massacre in Ankara has been the biggest one perpetrated so far in the wake of the recent ones in Cizre, Farqin, Nusaybin, Şırnak and other Kurdish settlements during the recent months.

    Offering condolences to the families of the martyrs, democracy forces and the peoples, and wishing a speedy recovery to all the wounded, KCK said the AKP government was responsible for this massacre as the AKP’s mindset and policies inside and outside the country have brought Turkey up to this point.

    Stressing that the AKP cannot clear itself of this massacre by putting the blame on other organizations, KCK said AKP has been engaged in partnership with ISIS and similar others in the mindset and policies it has pursued so far.

    “Claims that these massacres have been perpetrated by ISIS or some other organizations would mean ignoring the AKP’s mindset, policies and practices, and distorting the truths. The fact that these massacres target the societal circles which the AKP point as a target, also reveal who actually are behind them. By using the names of some organizations as a mask, the AKP government wants to eliminate all the opposition circles one by one.”

    Pointing to the undemocratic character of the AKP and its lack of a sense to respect and accept the results of elections, KCK emphasized that the AKP regards any method or practice as allowable in order not to leave the power. “This massacre must be seen as a conspiracy conducted by the AKP government to remain in power, and a kind similar to the massacre it perpetrated before the June 7 election after seeing that it was going to lose the election”, KCK said.

    KCK said it was also meaningful that this massacre took place on the very same day when the Kurdish movement declared inaction to ensure the security of elections and disallow AKP to turn the election process to its own favour through repression.

    According to KCK, this massacre has also revealed that the AKP government wants to hold the elections in a conflict environment and continue its ruling on this basis. The statement said; “AKP has resorted to such a massacre after foreseeing that it will lose this election as well in the event of holding it under normal circumstances. In consideration of the link between these massacres and the elections, it also exposes itself who the perpetrator is, which is undoubtedly nobody else other than Erdoğan and his counter-guerrilla team, it is the Gladio of the Palace.”

    KCK said it has been primarily the AKP government and the Gladio of the Palace to become restive after the most recent debates hinting that the Kurdish movement would declare an inactive position. According to KCK, Yalçın Akdoğan, a part of the Palace’s Gladio, revealed their mindset and intention by saying that ‘this cannot fool us’. KCK underlined that objection to the ending of the conflict for the security of the elections laid the true face of the AKP government bare.

    The statement pointed out that the now-illegitimate AKP government has started a war and now wanted it to continue in order to maintain its ruling over the country.

    KCK further underlined that enhancing the democratic struggle was the only way to eliminate the mindset and policies that have caused this massacre and conflict in the country.

    KCK called upon all the democracy forces, peoples of Turkey and the Kurdish people to protest the Ankara massacre and its perpetrators, saying; “Turkey can solve none of the problems in the country and achieve peace neither inside nor outside by having the AKP in power. The country can avert such massacres and conflicts, and ensure a lasting peace and stability only by getting rid of the AKP government and establishing a democratic government. In this regard, all democracy forces must unite and act together in order to enhance the struggle for democracy. It is time to bring the perpetrators of massacres to account, to get rid of the AKP government and to create a democratic Turkey.”

    Source: BEHDINAN – ANF 11-10-2015


  2. Many reported wounded as attacks by security forces continue in Silvan

    As intense attacks by Turkish security forces continue in Silvan district of Amed, many people have been wounded but remain in the conflict area as they cannot be taken to hospital due to the ongoing heavy attacks.

    As intense attacks by Turkish security forces continue in Silvan district of Amed, reports say that many people have been wounded but remain in the conflict area as they cannot be taken to hospital due to the ongoing heavy attacks by Turkish forces.

    Only two of the wounded civilians, Mehmet Cevat Kartalkuş (56) and Hayriye Hüdaverdi (70) could be taken to Silvan State Hospital so far. Both have been referred to an Amed hospital following an initial treatment here.

    In the meantime, the ID of the two minors killed in the attacks of state forces in Konak neighbourhood have been verified as 16-17 years old Vedat Akcanım and 17 years old Deniz, whose surname could not be verified yet.

    The attacks of Turkish forces from tanks are reportedly going on in Tekel, Konak and Mescit neighbourhoods in the district, while another police unit patrolling in armoured vehicles Diyarbakır Street of Bağlar neighbourhood have attacked the inhabitants with gas bombs and water cannons.

    On the other hand, police forces have detained deputy co-mayors Zuhal Tekiner and Kerem Canpolaten, vice co-mayor Mehmet Karakoç and counsellor Gülistan Kılıç, who went to the Konak neighbourhood to reach the wounded civilians following the artillery fire opened from tanks today.

    The detained administrators were taken to the district Police Department and released later as police said they were taken into custody for security reasons.
    Source: AMED – ANF 03-10-2015

    State terror and people’s resistance continues in Silvan

    Both the terror of state forces and the resistance of the people continue in Silvan district of Amed.

    Deputy co-mayor of Silvan, Zuhal Tekiner, who talked to the district governor was answered that “We have started a cleansing operation”. She stated that Turkish state forces started to attack neighborhoods with tanks and panzers upon the imposition of a curfew.

    Tekiner informed that two people have just been been wounded in their area, including a 12-year-old child, Barış Çakış, who has been shot in the foot but couldn’t be taken to hospital yet as snipers have also targeted those who went to the scene to carry him into an ambulance in the area.

    Tekiner gave the following information regarding the current situation in the town; “Thousands of special operation police have been trying to enter Tekel neighborhood from Mescit neighborhood since yesterday. They are opening fire on every corner of the neighborhood with mortars and heavy weapons. We are facing a threat of imminent massacre as thousands of people in the town are suffering from violence and heavy attacks by special operation teams. We have been able to verify the death toll as 2 but some reports say 4 people have lost their lives and over 20 people have been wounded so far.”

    Remarking that soldiers on the other hand hindered the entry of hundreds of people coming from Amed and Batman, Tekiner said only DBP Co-President Kamuran Yüksek, HDP Amed deputies Nursel Aydoğan and Sibel Yiğitalp have been allowed access into the town where state forces continue shooting at every single person they see.
    Source; AMED – ANF 04-10-2015

    YPG Commander: Turkish officers conduct the attacks on Şêxmeqsûd

    Attacks of Al-Nusra and other affiliated gang groups on Şêxmeqsûd (Sheikh Maqsoud) neighborhood of Aleppo continue since the first day of the Eid.

    Attacks of Al-Nusra and other affiliated gang groups on Şêxmeqsûd (Sheikh Maqsoud) neighborhood of Aleppo continue. YPG Aleppo Commander Rêzan Rojhilat said the gang groups attacking the neighborhood since the first day of the Eid are fully supported by the Turkish state.

    YPG Aleppo Commander Rêzan Rojhilat told ANHA News Agency that a meeting took place between the YPG and the Operation Room to Liberate Aleppo in order to protect the civilians from being harmed in the ongoing attacks of Al-Nusra affiliated groups on Şêxmeqsûd.


    “We undersigned an agreement at this meeting. The first article of the agreement was ‘to stop the artillery attack on the neighborhood and ensure the withdrawal of the gangs that encircled Şêxmeqsûd from the outskirts of the settlement’. The gang groups have not listened to Operation Room to Liberate Aleppo and on the contrary they increased their attacks”, he said.

    Rêzan Rojhilat stressed that the YPG complied with the agreement which however didn’t work as some forces did not want the the conflict and attacks to stop. He added that; “As the YPG forces, we have fulfilled all the conditions of the agreement on our part. Yet, it has been understood that there are some forces that do not want these attacks to stop and are bothered with the agreement. The gang groups receive all their support from the Turkish MIT. All these attacks are planned and conducted by Turkish military officers and members of the Turkish Intelligence (MIT). This is why Al Nusra, Sultan Murad Battalion and other gangs groups didn’t stop their attacks.”

    Drawing attention to the cruelty of gang groups against the civilians in the neighborhood, YPG Commander they had to respond and fight in the face of the attacks by gang groups that started to bombard the neighborhood with Katyusha rockets after they encircled it recently.


    YPG Commander recalled that children lost their lives and many civilians were wounded in the artillery attacks of the gangs that are still going on. Rojhilat stated that YPG forces defended all the peoples in the neighborhood, and vowed to continue undertaking their responsibilities at any cost to fulfill their promises to the people.

    “As much as we are ready to respond to all attacks, we also remain ready to be part of conciliation and peace”, he added.
    Source: ALEPPO – ANF 05-10-2015


  3. Witnesses: Police attack increased the number of casualties in Ankara

    Witnesses of the massacre in Ankara told that the police attack soon after the blasts increased the number of casualties, saying; “As if already prepared in advance, police started to attack the people after the blasts.”

    Witnesses of the massacre in Ankara told that the police attack soon after the blasts increased the number of casualties, saying; “As if already prepared in advance, police started to attack the people after the blasts. Everything was being put into practice in a planned manner.”

    In addition to thousands from across Turkey and Kurdistan cities, hundreds of people from Mersin had also gone to Turkish capital Ankara to join Saturday’s Peace Rally which was targeted by a bloody bomb attack that left around a hundred people dead and hundreds of others wounded. Six of the hundreds going from Mersin also lost their lives in the twin blasts, and dozens of others were wounded.

    HDP Mezitli district co-chair Nursel Demir, HDP members Dilan İvrendi and Fadile Dayan talked to ANF about the deadly blasts and the following police attack on the people still in the shock of the deadly attack.


    “I lived in Ankara for 13 years during which I attended numerous demonstrations and rallies. All the areas of Ankara are a center of security, including the area of the peace rally. Dozens of checkpoints would be set up and a heavy presence and blockade of police forces would take place in every rally, even in the most smallest ones. However, this was not the situation in Saturday’s rally. It was the first time I could easily reach the rally area without encountering any checkpoint or control by police. This made me feel concerned, but I relieved myself, thinking that a peace rally would not possibly be targeted by an attack. When I think about it now, I actually see that the attack came blatantly, which we weren’t able to perceive at that moment. Everything was weird, not usual. The lack of police in the area was kind of giving a message of ‘a conspiracy, a massacre’.


    I lost consciousness when the blast occurred. I was very close to the area of the blast, and I soon later saw hundreds of bodies in pieces. Police teams showed up soon after the blast, as if they had already been prepared in advance. We couldn’t understand where that many police came from. They suddenly appeared and started to attack the mass, which actually reveals who had organized the bloody attack.


    I can say that many of the wounded lost their lives due to the police attack which caused casualties as many as the blasts did. Police opened fire on the mass and the wounded. How could such a thing ever happen? Where else in the world did such a case take place, with police shooting at the people wounded in a bomb attack? AKP will give an account of this. Our response to this massacre will be to overthrow the ruling of the palace, have millions rise up and bury the AKP in the ballot box on November 1st. We will never forget this massacre.”



    “The people who wanted to help the wounded were attacked by police with tear gas, bullets and water cannons. The health workers joining the rally were going to perform emergency response on dozens of people who were slightly injured but suffering a loss of blood. The police attack didn’t allow them to do so, because of which we lost dozens of comrades of ours. I was also trying to reach my friends wounded there, but I couldn’t because of the police attack. Ambulances came to the area very late, police deliberately retarded their arrival. Everything was happening and being put into practice as if had been planned in advance. We will never forget this massacre and bring the perpetrators to account.”



    “This is the war of the government and the palace, not the people. Everyone must know that AKP is the single murderer of all the soldiers, civilians and babies. We will suffer more and more deaths and massacres as long as the AKP remains in the power ruling us. Our friends were murdered in front of our eyes.


    A policeman whom I encountered after the blast and asked why they attacked and didn’t protect us, told me that “The order was given from above”. This is true, we know that the order came from AKP and they obeyed it. There exists no ISIS in Turkey, and there is no need for ISIS anyway, as AKP already perpetrates massacres anyway. AKP is the ISIS of Turkey. The entire society should stop looking for the murderers. There is only one single murderer, which is the AKP that wants to split the country.


    We all are the children of this country. No soldiers, no police, no civilians and no babies will die if we expel the AKP from the power. The society of Turkey must know this truth and overthrow the murderer AKP.”
    Source: MERSİN – ANF 12-10-2015


  4. Woman executed by police in a house raid in Amed

    After raiding a house in Bağlar district of Amed province, police forces rained bullets and fired a bomb into the house, which left one person dead.

    The raid by police forces targeted a flat on the second floor of a building on Sakarya Street of Bağlar’s 5 Nisan neighborhood late yesterday.

    According to reports, police first rained bullets on the flat before breaking its door and entering inside.

    While a woman in the flat was executed, the paralyzed house-owner Hayriye Küçük was taken to hospital, and her daughters Sevgi Küçük, Songül Küçük and Nesrin Küçük as well as three other people were detained and taken to Diyarbakır Police Headquarters.

    Police also opened fire into the air and attacked the people that gathered around the building as the incident took place.
    Source: AMED – ANF 09-10-2015


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