Swedish nazis’ anti-refugee arson

Relative of schoolboy, murdered by nazi sword killer, mourns in Trollhättan, Sweden, photo: EPA

This photo shows a relative of a schoolboy, murdered by nazi sword killer Anton Lundin Pettersson, mourning in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Sweden will no longer say where the sites of new camps for refugees will be. According to Swedish media there was already thirteen times arson in (future) camps, making locations temporarily or permanently unusable.

The Swedish Migration Board says the new locations therefore will not be disclosed.

Sweden expects 160,000 applicants by refugees this year. In the past few weeks there have been scattered arson attacks, after which a municipality proposed not to disclose the locations. The Immigration Department called that idea last week unrealistic, but after two more fires changed its mind.


Also the murder by a man who killed two people at a school in Trollhättan with a sword plays a role in this. Most children in this school are of foreign origin.

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