‘German neo-nazis set refugees’ home on fire’

This 8 April 2015 German video is about the arson at a refugee home in Tröglitz.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

German refugee center partly burned down

Today, 14:48

The roof of a new refugee center in Tröglitz, near Leipzig, was destroyed by fire. Two people who at the time of the fire were in the building were able to escape.

The damage to the building is 100,000 euros.

There is no trace of the perpetrators, but the police of the village, with around 2700 inhabitants, suspect the fire was ignited by neo-Nazis. They have been protesting for weeks against the construction of the center which from May on would accommodate forty asylum seekers.

Mayor resigned

The arrival of asylum seekers in Tröglitz is getting attention in Germany since the resignation of Mayor Mark Nierth, last month. He supported the building of the refugee center, but did not feel sufficiently supported by the regional authorities.

Mayor Mark Nierth was a member of the (center right) CDU political party. So were the state authorities who left him in the lurch.

He also complained that the neo-Nazi NPD could demonstrate right in front of his home. Nierth said his children were frightened and that his family got too little protection. federal level politicians called it a shame that a democratically elected mayor saw himself forced to resign in this way.

Protest in Tröglitz against nazi arson: here.

29 thoughts on “‘German neo-nazis set refugees’ home on fire’

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  2. Sachsen Anhalt is completely infested by nazis. If you want to see how hi#ler ideas are still alive and unfortunately living well, just make a short trip so a typical Sachsen Anhalt provincial towns like Bernburg, Zerbst, Quedlinburg, Sangerhausen, Köthen, Burg, Dessau… or take your pick – they’re anyway everywhere in the former east. But it’s more paradoxal that Germany is first to teach other European countries lessons on how to behave and how to show tolerance, but the whole of DDR is nazi infested hellhole. Very dangerous for foreigners of any kind and for everyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology.


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