Good news about refugees

This 11 August 2015 video is about Austrians welcoming refugees in Salzburg.

While there is a minority of hard-core extreme right refugee haters in the Netherlands, as in other countries, there is better news, about more people; often not reported in the corporate media.

Ruther Bregman reported on Dutch site De Correspondent this week (translated):

In [Dutch village] Kapelle there had to be a waiting list – not for refugees, but for volunteers. The municipality announced that there would be two hundred people from Syria and within a few hours later a hundred and fifty residents had come forward to help.

In Ootmarsum and Oud-Beijerland the same thing happened. In the latter town even more volunteers reported than refugees. “Everyone now wants to help,” sighed a spokesman for Refugee Aid in Zuidhorn municipality. “There’s almost been a tsunami of volunteers.”

Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders does not want any refugees. He has often claimed that the Netherlands is supposedly threratened by ‘a tsunami of Islamification’. Now, quite another ‘tsunami.’

Why, Rutger Bregman asks, so often so little good news like this in corporate media? He also mentions the Hurricane Katrina disaster in Louisiana in the USA. According to big media reports, New Orleans people then started an orgy of looting, rape and murder. Later, it turned out these stories had been greatly exaggerated. Quite the contrary: there had been more violence by police than by supposed gangs of looting African American New Orleans residents.

Bregman attributes the focus on bad news about human beings to not just about how media work, but also to a pessimistic tradition in philosophy, from Saint Augustine to Thomas Hobbes to Friedrich Nietzsche.

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