Swedish nazis, after murdering schoolchildren, attack socialists

This 15 August 2015 Swedish video shows a speech by socialist Kristofer Lundberg in Gothenburg, at a demonstration for solidarity with the Kurds and against terrorist bomb attacks in Turkey.

By James Tweedie:

Sweden: Socialists hit by night of office and home arsons

Tuesday 27th october 2015

ARSONISTS set alight the Gothenburg offices of Sweden’s Socialist Justice Party (RS) and members’ homes on Sunday.

The unidentified attackers pushed burning paper through the letterboxes at three members’ flats, including the home of RS western Sweden president Kristofer Lundberg, who is also chair of his local tenants’ association.

Children were present at two of the flats.

The stairwells, cellars and bin sheds of six other members’ homes were burned in addition to the local office.

The blazes were so serious it took firefighters two and a half hours to extinguish the flames.

Luckily, no-one was injured in the arson attacks in the Sandeslatt and Hammarkullen districts of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city.

The RS said it suspected fascists of carrying out the attacks.

The incident follows a recent spate of suspected arson attacks on refugee camps in Sweden and the murder of a teacher and pupil at a school near Gothenburg last week.

Police believe the school attacker, who was shot dead by officers, had racist motives.

The latest arson attacks occurred late on Friday night at a centre for 60 refugees in Eskilstuna, 70 miles west of Stockholm, and another at Munkedal in the south-west of the country — which had already been damaged by a previous attack and had been cordoned off.

Those attacks brought the number of arsons against refugee centres to seven according to Russia Today, although the RS numbers them at more than ten.

Sweden has already taken in 100,000 refugees this year, with 90,000 more expected in the next two months.

The RS has already held a meeting of residents — which resolved to set up night-time neighbourhood watch patrols — and has called a demonstration against the attacks.

Mr Lundberg said that he returned from his stint as part of six-person patrol to find police at his home after a security guard stopped two men trying to enter his flat.

“We are still on red alert here,” he said.

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