German arsonist burns refugees’ home

This video says about itself:

Germany remembers Turks who died in 1993 arson which raised fears over neo-nazi threat

30 May 2013

Twenty years after two women and three children of Turkish origin were killed in an arson attack in western Germany by right-wing extremists, survivors and German officials have remembered those who died. Relatives of the victims of the 1993 attack spoke at a remembrance service of the need to “live in friendship, respect and tolerance”, while the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister spoke out against racism.

Translated from DPA news agency in Germany:

Arson in refugees’ home

11.24.2015, 08:49

An unknown person has set on fire in northern Germany a multi-family house, in which ten refugees were also housed. A 76-year-old and a 14-year-old girl had to go to a hospital with suspected smoke inhalation poisoning.

According to police the fire had been set on Monday night in the basement of the house. As the smoke went into the stairwell, for a total of 35 residents their escape route was cut off. The firefighters had to rescue people with a ladder.

The house in Woldegk in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is uninhabitable for the time being. The residents had to be housed in temporary shelters.

Refugees in Germany: Arsonists destroy refugee hotel in ‘model’ migrant town Schwabisch Gmund. A model citizen stands proudly in the centre of Germany’s ‘model’ migrant town. But a week before, arsonists tried to shatter this picture of civic harmony by burning down an asylum hostel: here.

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