Neo-nazis threaten pro-refugee demonstrators

Dutch Socialist Party banner against anti-refugee nazis

Translated from RTV Noord-Holland in the Netherlands:

Demonstrators in IJmuiden attacked by refugee haters

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 | 21:09

IJMUIDEN: Two people demonstrated on the Plein 1945

That square is named after the liberation of the Netherlands from the nazi occupatiion in 1945.

in IJmuiden against racism and hate, and were harassed by people who demonstrated against the arrival of refugees in Driehuis.

Around 19:00 started a small demonstration against the arrival of asylum seekers in the former mission house in Driehuis. Two other people, both of whom wore Socialist Party jackets, held up a banner up reading “Stop racism and hatred”, associating racism and hatred with Adolf Hitler’s SS [with SS rune signs in the letter ‘s’ in ‘racisme’].

The other demonstrators hated that and accosted the anti-racists. Tempers ran high, one of the attackers tried inter alia to grab the [anti racist] banner. Another [refugee hater] endangered our cameraman. At 19.30 peace returned on the square.

The Velsen branch of the Socialist Party reports (not in the RTVNH report) that the refugee haters were about 15 members of the pro-Adolf Hitler Nederlandse Volksunie.

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