German murderous neonazi getting life imprisonment?

This video says about itself:

9 March 2014

Neo Nazi Killers of Germany (SHOCKING Crime Documentary)

The Bosphorus serial murders also known as Döner murders, the term often used by the media, were a series of attacks that took place in Germany between 2000 and 2006, leaving ten people dead and one wounded. The attackers called themselves National Socialist Underground (NSU) (German: Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund). The primary targets were ethnic Turks, but one Greek and one German policewoman were also killed.

The victims were mostly small business owners, including doner kebab vendors and greengrocers. They were murdered in daylight with gunshots to the face at close range with a silenced CZ 83 pistol. According to the parents of a Turkish victim who worked in an internet café, the police originally suspected foreign organised criminals.

So did the corporate media, thus strengthening anti-immigrant prejudices and helping violent nazis.

A German policewoman, Michèle Kiesewetter, was also shot and killed and the police officer on patrol with her was critically wounded. Other crimes, including a bomb attack, may have been committed by the group. German authorities identified three suspects, Uwe Böhnhardt, Uwe Mundlos, and Beate Zschäpe as responsible for the murders. According to the acting Attorney General of Germany, Rainer Greisbaum, the suspects had Neo-Nazi links. Böhnhardt and Mundlos were found dead by police after they robbed a bank on 4 November 2011. Police said they killed themselves. Zschäpe surrendered on 11 November 2011. She will probably face charges of murder, attempted murder, arson, and belonging to a terrorist organization. Zschäpe said she was only willing to testify if she was considered a state witness, with mitigation of sentence. The police discovered an alleged hit-list of 88 names that included “two prominent members of the Bundestag and representatives of Turkish and Islamic groups“.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Lifetime imprisonment asked for German neonazi Beate Zschäpe

Today, 10:36

The German Public Prosecutor has asked for lifetime imprisonment for Beate Zschäpe, because of her role in ten murders by the neonazist group NSU. According to the prosecutor, Zschäpe was part of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) who killed eight Turks, a Greek and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007. The group is also responsible for two bombings in Cologne with scores of people injured, and for a number of robbery attacks.

“For each individual murder this sentence is appropriate,” said the prosecutor in Munich. Zschäpe shared fanatic Nazi ideas with her fellow NSU members and terrorized immigrants in Germany by randomly killing people of foreign origin, according to the charges. …

Next to Zschäpe there are four other less prominent NSU supporters on trial. A verdict is expected within a few months.

Germany: Trial of neo-Nazi terror group whitewashes role of intelligence service: here.

German court jails NSU neonazi terrorist Beate Zschaepe for life: here.

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  4. Waar stopte de NSU en waar begon de staat?

    Afgelopen woensdag werd in München, in Duitsland, uitspraak gedaan in de al vijf jaar durende rechtszaak tegen Beate Zschäpe, de enige overlevende van de officieel drie leden tellende Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (NSU). Die extreem-rechtse terreurgroep pleegde aan het begin van de eeuw minstens tien moorden. Lees meer:


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