‘German neonazis murdered nine-year-old girl’

Neonazi Uwe Böhnhardt and the murdered girl Peggy, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Neo-Nazis also possibly killed nine-year-old German girl

A German neo-Nazi trio, held responsible for at least ten racist murders, is possibly also behind the murder of a girl of 9 years of age. Remains of the child’s corpse were found this summer, and now it appears that there are DNA traces of Uwe Bönhardt on them, German media report.

Bönhardt committed suicide in 2011, together with the second member of the trio of the Nationalzozialistischer Untergrund (NSU) Uwe Mundlos. The third member Beate Zschäpe, is in jail and on trial.

The NSU is now also linked to the murder of the 9-year-old girl. She disappeared in May 2001 in the city of Lichtenberg (Bavaria). A mushroom collector found this summer remains of her body in a forest.

For the murder of the girl a man was convicted, but that verdict was overturned in 2014 because of errors in the trial.

German police also claimed for years that the NSU murders of Turkish and Greek immigrants were supposedly not by racists, but because of conflicts between Mediterranean countries’ criminal gangs.

The murders by Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Zschäpe were only a small minority of the total murders by German neonazis.

Did the NSU murder still more children? Here.

Lawyers for the relatives and victims of the terrorist attacks carried out by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground (NSU) are conducting their final arguments in the court case against the remaining member of the NSU. The NSU is accused of killing nine immigrants and a policewoman, and of carrying out two bombings—in 2001 and 2004—and over two dozen bank robberies. The main accused is allegedly the sole surviving member of the NSU, Beate Zschäpe. Four other neo-Nazis are charged with aiding and abetting: here.

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