German nazi murder plotters arrested

Logo of the German neonazi Oldschool Society

This is the logo of the German extreme right Oldschool Society. Apparently, with ‘Oldschool’ they mean the ‘old school’ of Adolf Hitler; as the skull and rune symbols indicate.

German Oldschool Society logo

This is another Oldschool Society logo. The abbreviation ‘A.H.’ stands for Adolf Hitler.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Germany: Police hold far-right four over mosque bomb plot

Thursday 7th May 2015

Leading members of extremist Oldschool Society ‘had procured explosives’

by Our Foreign Desk

GERMAN police arrested yesterday four members of a far-right group allegedly plotting to bomb mosques and refugee centres and kill prominent Muslims.

In raids on homes in the states of Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, police detained three men and a woman and seized explosives.

Federal prosecutors said the four, identified only as Andreas H, Markus W, Denise Vanessa G and Olaf O were founders of the far-right Oldschool Society.

They were charged with terrorism offences and illegally procuring explosives.

Andreas H is named as Oldschool Society president and Markus W as its vice-president.

“According to current investigations, it was the group’s goal to conduct attacks in smaller groups inside Germany on well-known Salafists, mosques and asylum-seeker centres,” the prosecutors said in a statement.

“For this purpose the four arrested procured explosives for possible terror attacks by the group.”

But the authorities were uncertain whether the group had made definite plans for attacks.

The arrests came as German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere released new statistics showing that anti-semitic offences rose by 25 per cent last year to 1,596 after falling in 2013. Crimes against foreign nationals were up by 22 per cent to 3,945.

While Mr De Maiziere claimed the rise was partially due to new reporting methods that more closely tracked the motivation of perpetrators, he admitted: “This development is worrying and must be stopped.”

He said there was no one political solution to the scourge of bigotry, but that the “whole of society is needed.”

The group’s Facebook page was taken down at 2pm yesterday.

In recent years, Germany has seen a rise in far-right violence. Neonazi group the National Socialist Underground (NSU) was recently accused of murdering eight Turkish immigrants, a Greek and a German police officer between 2000 and 2007.

The NSU is also believed to be responsible for two bombings and 15 bank robberies. The group’s only surviving member Beate Zschaepe is currently on trial in Munich along with four alleged supporters.

Its existence emerged in 2011 when members Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boenhardt killed themselves following a botched bank robbery.

See also here. And here.

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  4. A couple in eastern Germany who spoke out against neo-Nazis in their village have been given police protection after a fire gutted their barn.

    Artists Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer live in Jamel, near Rostock – a village that has become a neo-Nazi meeting place.

    No-one was hurt in the fire. Chemical evidence of arson was found after the big 150-year-old barn was gutted on Wednesday night.

    The couple had earlier reported harassment by neo-Nazis.

    Their anti-Nazi stand has earned them national recognition, German media report.


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  15. On the night of May 28-29, 1993, five members of a Turkish family in Solingen, in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, died in a house fire set by a gang of neo-Nazi youth. The dead included three young girls and two women, while another 14 people, including several children, were injured in the blaze, some severely. The extended family had lived in Germany since 1970, and in the house for 12 years.

    The fire, set with gasoline, broke out at 1:38 a.m., while all those inside the house were sleeping. The dead included 27-year-old Gürsün İnce, who jumped out of a window clutching her four-year-old daughter and an infant in her arms. The two children survived. Another 15-year-old boy leaped from a window, his clothing in flames, but survived. The others who lost their lives were teenager, Hatice Genç, 18, and three children, Gülistan Öztürk, 12, Hülya Genç, 9 and Saime Genç, 4. The oldest survivor, Mevlüde Genç, 50, lost two daughters, two granddaughters and a niece.

    The Solingen attack was the most violent (up to that time) of a wave of neo-Nazi attacks on Turkish and other foreign-born working people in Germany, beginning in December 1988. These attacks accelerated under conditions of the revival and encouragement of German nationalism in the course of the reunification of Germany in 1989-90 and the liquidation of the Stalinist-run East Germany (German Democratic Republic or GDR). Only three days before the Solingen deaths, the German Bundestag passed a resolution to change the German constitution by limiting the number of asylum seekers.

    The response by the state to the Solingen killings was extremely limited. For young men, aged between 16 and 23, were eventually arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sent to prisons. Three of the perpetrators, two 16-year-olds and a 19-year-old, were sentenced to ten years in prison, the maximum sentence for an offender in their age bracket. Markus Gartmann, 23 years old, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

    But there was no investigation into the deeper ties of the four youth, all belonging the skinhead milieu, with ultra-right and neo-Nazi political organizations, even though the oldest, Gartmann, was a member of the nationalist DVU party. Moreover, all four had exercised together at a martial arts school whose manager was an informant of the North Rhine-Westphalia domestic intelligence agency (the Verfassungsschutz).

    This was only one of many ties uncovered over the years between the neo-Nazi “underground” and the top levels of the German capitalist state, particularly the security services, which were refounded after World War II under the leadership of high-ranking “former” Nazis and protected by the political leaders of all the major parties, including the Social Democrats.


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