More neo-nazi anti-refugee violence in Germany

This video says about itself:

Meet The Refugees Facing Persecution In Germany

19 October 2015

Refugee Roulette: Anti-migrant rally highlights backlash in Germany

Germany Fears Rise Of Far-Right Over Refugee Crisis

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

This year there were more than four times as many incidents with German refugee centers compared to last year. In total there were 817 incidents such as vandalism, violence and incitement. The incidents were caused mainly by extreme right perpetrators.

The figures are from the federal criminal police office BKA, which has measured the number of incidents until 7 December. Of the more than eight hundred incidents, there were 130 serious crimes like assault and arson. Last year there were 28.

The number of acts of violence against refugees in Germany rose precipitously in 2015, according to media accounts and independent reports published in recent weeks. Meanwhile, politicians and parties both in and outside the government have engaged in a cynical effort to downplay and legitimise the fascistic elements behind these attacks as “concerned citizens”: here.

Dozens of refugees, including babies and children, have drowned this week in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Their deaths are a direct product of US and European military interventions in the Middle East and Afghanistan, combined with the increasingly restrictive border policy of the European Union: here.

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