Extreme right anti-refugee violence, politician’s xenophobia in the Netherlands

This 7 October 2015 video shows refugees arriving in Woerden town in the central Netherlands.

Today, NOS TV in the Netherlands reports that Halbe Zijlstra, chairman of the caucus in parliament of the VVD, the biggest party in the Dutch coalition says that the Netherlands ‘should become more unattractive for refugees‘.

If politicians irresponsibly play with xenophobic sentiments, then it is hardly surprising that some stupid people go just one step further, and start criminal violent attacks on refugees.

Like happened yesterday evening in Woerden. A gang of about twenty extreme right masked hooligans stormed a hall housing refugees. They threw bombs which exploded.

According to the mayor, Mr Molkenboer, of Woerden:

Molkenboer says the refugees are extremely shocked by the incident. “Most come from a war zone. Hearing explosions gives them a traumatic experience.”

In the hall were 148 refugees, including 51 children.

On the Facebook page of the Dutch nazis of the Nederlandse Volksunie party, there was cheering today about this violent crime.

Many Woerden people, disgusted by the racist violence, have today brought presents for the refugees.

See also here.

The Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán has begun to deport refugees in expedited processing procedures. In order to get around international and European laws, which grant war refugees the right to a regular asylum procedure, it is engaging in dirty legal tricks: here.

22 thoughts on “Extreme right anti-refugee violence, politician’s xenophobia in the Netherlands

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