Dutch racists’ arson of pro-refugee politician’s cars

This video says about itself:

Dutch Refugees (1941)

Various shots of the Dutch refugees onboard a ship – standing, sitting, sleeping etc. The ship is taking them to England. Several shots of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland leaving port and boarding the train, several offices salute as she walks. The train leaves the station. More shots of the refugees onboard ship.

Translated from Trouw daily in the Netherlands:

Cars of Green Left party leader burnt

Editors – 10/27/15, 10:34

In Oostknollendam (Noord-Holland) two cars have been burnt, owned by Harold Halewijn, GroenLinks party leader in the local authority Wormerland. It seems to be arson, because the cars were not next to each other.

One car is Halewijn’s, the other one is his wife’s. The fire was last night. Around 2:00 pm came a report of a car fire in the main street, which turned out to be shortly afterward followed by a second car on fire. More than an hour later, the fires were extinguished.

Halewijn suspect that this is foul play. “This is an attack,” he said this morning to NOS Radio 1. “It cannot be otherwise, because otherwise two cars twenty meters apart would not be on fire at the same time.”

Debate on asylum seekers

The leader thinks the arson is related to a debate on the housing of asylum seekers taking place tonight. Halewijn had shared the invitation for the evening discussion on Facebook. “I then already got iffy reactions. I had accepted and taken into account that this evening something could happen, but I did not expect this.” The local authority is today consulting on any additional safety measures during the debate.

GroenLinks national leader Jesse Klaver is shocked by the setting on fire of Halewijn’s cars. “I worry about the social climate that has emerged around the debate on refugees. But first we will have to find out more about what happened …”

See also here.

From Dutch NOS TV about this today:

At the discussion only people are welcome who have signed in digitally. In recent weeks, several municipalities’ information sessions about the arrival of asylum seekers were disrupted by supporters of the extreme right Nederlandse Volksunie.

UPDATE: police has confirmed that this was arson indeed.

Harold Halewijn had proposed to house refugees in an empty building opposite his home.

No meeting on refugees in Harlingen because of Nederlandse Volksunie threat: here.

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