Red deer returning to Dutch province

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Just before winter sets in, at the end of September, there is the mating season of the deer. The males make preparations to attract the attention of the does. The older red deer have got their antlers back in shape again and are at full battle strength.

The young deer are a bit later.

Walking over the grass roaring like a lion. The males provoke each other and fight as though their lives depend on it. And, as is usual in the animal world, the winner gets the ladies. Yes, ladies, for the leader – or dominant male, as he is now called – wins himself a harem.

He will have to defend it against other deer who naturally also seek to promote their genes. During this period the dominant stag eats hardly anything. He simply has not got time to leave its territory; others may take his place. At the end of the mating season the dominant animal has lost around a quarter of his original weight.

NOS TV in the Netherlands reports today that in the autumn of 2016 about 15 red deer will be freed in the Groene Woud forest, between Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch cities; in North Brabant province.

From the NOS report (translated):

Been away for more than 100 years

According to Brabants Landschap conservation organisation, red deer are a vital link in nature because of their role as large herbivores, and they really belong in the Brabant countryside. Because of hunting and because their habitat was shrinking, the animals, however, more than a century ago disappeared from the province.

According to ARK Natuurontwikkeling, red deer at the end of the 19th century were found for the last time in Brabant.

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