Texel sanderlings, snipe and kestrel

This video is called Birds on Texel.

After 24 October 2013 on Texel island comes 25 October 2013.

In the village, a collared dove on a TV antenna.

To the dunes and beach north-west of Den Hoorn village.

Two Egyptian geese flying.

A meadow pipit.

A snipe takes off, with loud etch-etch sounds while it flies.

A bit further along the footpath, many feathers of a bigger relative of the snipe. Probably, that woodcock was caught by a bird of prey.

Most of the heather flowers are gone, but there are still a few ones.

Next, a robin. A wren. Both still very much alive.

A carrion crow on a bush.

Exmoor ponies. We pass highland cattle, including a calf. Like the ponies, they are here to prevent the dunes from becoming overgrown; thus, benefiting special insects and special birds like red-backed shrikes feeding on those insects.

A male pheasant. Parasol fungi.

We arrive at the beach.

This video is about the dunes and beach of Texel island.

Many herring gulls. Scores of sanderlings running along the land wash like electric toy birds.

Two turnstones. A few lesser black-backed gulls.

We return along a dune forest path. Armillaria solidipes fungi. False death cap mushrooms.

South of the forest, the Bollekamer dunes.

A kestrel hovering in the air.

Not only are there still a few heather flowers, but quite some cross-leaved heath flowers as well.

Texel dunes and plants: here.

Bollekamer heather: here.

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