Whimbrels and little grebes

This video is about avocets feeding in Waal en Burg nature reserve on Texel.

Today on Texel island.

First, the old dike of the Waal and Burg polder. The dike was made in the middle ages to save older polders from the sea; Waal en Burg then was still sea. It only became a polder in the seventeenth century.

Today, there is a bicycle path along the old dike. One can see many birds from there.

The first birds were pied wagtails, looking for insects between cows and calves on a meadow.

There were migratory birds: barn swallows, meadow pipits.

A marsh harrier.

On a field: black-headed gull, lesser black-backed gull, gray lag geese, northern lapwings. Two black-tailed godwits. Common gulls. Rabbits. A group of whimbrels.

Later on a little lake, among many coots and moorhens, a couple of gadwall ducks.

Still later, another lake. Oystercacher; redshanks. A snipe flying away. Three little grebes.

It had been a beautiful morning and we looked forward to a beautiful afternoon.

However, then came rain … and more rain …

Two grey lag geese and a domestic goose gone wild near Wagejot reserve … and we had to go back. Rain … rain …

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