Fungi and birds

This Dutch video is called Ecoduct Crailo.

Today, fungi around the Crailo nature bridge.

On the lake to the north of the bridge: coots, tufted ducks, two little grebes.

A vagrant darter dragonfly sitting on the boardwalk.

Lots of marsh clubmoss growing here, since about five years. If the marsh would not be kept open, it would disappear and give way to forest. A young Scots pine is already here.

Though last week was dry, still many fungi.

This is a video about the yellow-red gill polypore.

On the wood of the nature bridge, yellow-red gill polypore. This saprophyte species occurs often on wood imported from abroad.

A buzzard circles in the air, calling.

Sulphur tufts which dried out because of lack of rain lately.

A clouded agaric circle.

Birch polypore.

A sulphur knight circle.

Slimy milkcap close to it.

Many amethyst deceiver mushrooms. Many of them white instead of purple because of drought.

Thin walled maze polypore on a fallen birch.

Common earthballs.

Of the about 100 species of the genus Russula, we find the species beechwood brittlegill here.

Blusher. Honey fungus.

Some larch boletes near a larch tree.

White saddle.

Nuthatch sound.

Lumpy bracket.

Brown roll-rim.

Boletus erythropus.

Armillaria lutea.

On a fallen pine branch, Trichaptum abietinum.

Turkey tail and candlestick fungus together on the same tree stump.

Vermilion waxcap on a meadow. Polyporus brumalis on a tree stub.

Lactarius pubescens.

A common frog hopping through the autumn leaves.

A tinder fungus.

On another tree stub, Merulius tremellosus.

Later, a shaggy mane.

A small copper butterfly.

Rare fungus on Texel island: here.

Texel fungi: here.

Sympetrum pedemontanum dragonfly photos: here.

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