Collared doves on my balcony

This video says about itself:

Courtship Contest Between Two Collared Doves

Uploaded on 18 Jan 2011

On a cold, windy, rainy day in March, last year – but spring is in the air. One hour of bird watching compressed to 9 minutes. See the courtship. Who starts the amour most (“approach”), the (presumed) male or the female? Who is the first to break up? You know the answers already. Curious passers by are a blackbird and later a great tit.

The video starts with the characteristic monotonous cooing of these birds (“Coo-coo-cu”) and at the end of the video the harsh loud mechanical-sounding alarm call (“Kreeew”) during flight can be heard.

This morning, not a magpie couple on my balcony. Instead, two collared doves. Like with the magpies, I suspect that these collared doves have nested not far away from here this year.

22 thoughts on “Collared doves on my balcony

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