Saudi dictatorship kills demonstrating workers

This video says about itself:

35 Ethiopian Christians are imprisoned in Saudi Arabia

14 jan 2012

35 Ethiopian Christians are imprisoned in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), while they were gathered in a home to celebrate Christmas in December 2012.

Of these innocent prisoners, 29 are women some of whom have left their children behind.

Ethiopians are beaten and some of them even have been killed because they are Christians. They are jailed in a small room (10mx5m) together with 400 prisoners. Because this heavy suffocation many of them are sick and three people have died.

Since there is not enough space they are forced to sleep, standing up or sleep on top of each other. Even worse the young ladies are abused in many cruel and inhuman ways. Specially, the ladies were demoralized and raped to the extent that men were allowed to put their hand in private parts of the ladies.

To defy these types of cruel activities, we sincerely request the international community to remind the government of Saudi Arabia of this crime against humanity. We urge all international humanitarian bodies to stand together without color, race and religious differences and save these people, provide medical support and urge the government of Saudi Arabia to respect international law.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Saudi Arabia: two killed in clashes involving foreign workers

Almost 70 others injured and more than 500 arrested as officials give no hint of the riot’s origin

Associated Press in Riyadh

Sunday 10 November 2013 07.53 GMT

Two people have been killed and 68 others injured in clashes between mainly foreign workers and police in the Saudi capital Riyadh, the official Saudi news agency SPA reported.

One of the victims was a Saudi and the other an unidentified worker, it said.

SPA [the Saudi government press agency] said police arrested 561 rioters who had barricaded themselves in the narrow streets of a poor area of Riyadh on Saturday evening … .

The agency described the rioters as “anonymous” without saying why they were rioting. But it quoted Riyadh police spokesman Brigadier-General Nasser al-Qahtani as saying the rioters were mostly foreign workers who did not have valid work permits and were facing deportation.

On Wednesday, police killed an Ethiopian migrant allegedly trying to flee arrest amid a government crackdown on illegal labour.

Saudi Arabia is sending back about 200,000 Yemeni guest workers, adding to the pool of unemployed men: here.

Bahrain launches “illegal” worker raids: here. And here.

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