Kestrel, snipe, goldfinch and wheatear on Texel

Kestrel hovering, Texel, 5 October 2014

After what our earlier blog post mentioned on 5 October 2014 on Texel island, we were still there, not far from De Cocksdorp village. We saw this male kestrel hovering.

Kestrel in the grass,Texel, 5 October 2014

The bird dived to the ground, but apparently without catching a prey.

Black-tailed godwit, Texel, 5 October 2014

We continued to the Wagejot nature reserve. This black-tailed godwit was looking for food there.

Snipe, Texel, 5 October 2014

So was this snipe. Sometimes its whole long bill disappeared completely into the mud. Other snipe photos from elsewhere are here.

Goldfinch, Texel, 5 October 2014

Then, to the Lancasterdijk dike, protecting the island from being flooded by the Wadden Sea. This goldfinch sat on a fence there.

Then, to De Bol nature reserve. Shoveler ducks swimming in a pond near the windmill.

Wheatear, Texel, 5 October 2014

A wheatear flying around: sometimes on a meadow, sometimes on a fence, sometimes on the top of a dustbin.

White wagtail, Texel, 5 October 2014

On the roof a building near the windmill, a white wagtail.

Ruddy turnstones, Texel, 5 October 2014

On the Wadden Sea side of the Lancasterdijk, ruddy turnstones searched for food between seaweed.

Collared dove, Texel, 5 October 2014

Finally for 5 October, a collared dove, on top of an old nature reserve sign in Oost village.

14 thoughts on “Kestrel, snipe, goldfinch and wheatear on Texel

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! You are so lucky to see such a variety of birds. The Kestrel in flight is amazing! We have a variety of birds here at the fish hatchery where I live in Northern California, too, but the only similar ones to the birds you photographed are different types of the finch and dove. Great work!


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