Tuna beached in the Netherlands

This 2018 Dutch video is about North Sea bluefin tuna.

Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands writes today (translated):

On the beach of Noordwijk, last Thursday a tuna was found. It is most probably a bluefin tuna. These fish live in the Atlantic. Because they swim long distances to find food, they sometimes come accidentally into the North Sea. The last time a bluefin tuna was found at a Dutch beach was in 2005, when a tuna head came ashore near Wassenaar.

What species?

Because bluefin tuna habitat is closest compared to other species and the washed up tuna has many characteristics of this species, it is most likely that it’s a bluefin tuna. …

North Sea

Earlier, bluefin tuna schools swam in the North Sea regularly, to the Dogger Bank. … At the end of the nineteen sixties the species almost disappeared from the North Sea. Tunas are eaten very much. The bluefin tuna is on the red list of endangered species.

Fast predator

The tuna on the beach of Noordwijk was 1.32 meters long. Adult specimens of this species are usually between 2 and 2,5 meters, but can eventually grow to 4.5 meters.

Photos are here.

21 thoughts on “Tuna beached in the Netherlands

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