Protected woodcock eaten illegally on Dutch TV

This is a video about a woodcock nest.

The woodcock is a protected bird in the Netherlands. It is illegal to hunt this species.

Nevertheless, last Tuesday 20 November, Dutch TV showed cook Robert Kranenborg and another cook cooking a woodcock.

Translated from Dutch news site Blik op nieuws today:

BirdLife in the Netherlands gets many angry responses to the TV show De Wereld Draait Door where yesterday during the broadcast a woodcock was prepared. BirdLife in the Netherlands agrees with this anger. This kind of elitist media items creates the impression that the consumption of protected birds is supposedly normal,” BirdLife in the Netherlands says.

“This may contribute to illegal hunting, which in this program was encouraged openly. Moreover, during the show the cook stated that hunters on their own ground are supposedly allowed to shoot woodcocks. That is completely untrue. The woodcock is fully protected everywhere in the Netherlands, “says BirdLife in the Netherlands. …

Robert Kranenborg also said that he had prepared such a bird illegally. Without anyone reacting to that on TV.

Woodcocks really need protection. I am a keen wirdwatcher, but I have seen a live woodcock only once in the Netherlands. And once, a dead woodcock, which had flown against a building during migration. I brought it to the natural history museum, where it still is.

Questions in parliament on the woodcocks in the TV show: here.

The American Woodcock’s Love Song at 300 Feet: here.

27 thoughts on “Protected woodcock eaten illegally on Dutch TV

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  21. Hallo Nico,
    Dat de vogeltrek weer is begonnen hebben wij ook gemerkt! Er vloog zo
    maar een houtsnip bij ons tegen het raam, jammer!
    Vriendelijke groeten

    Nico: ja die raken soms gedesoriënteerd door het vele stadlicht en
    vliegen door tegen de ramen.


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