4 thoughts on “WWF conservation within capitalism with a human face?

  1. Some years ago when I worked with forest certifications in Asia I learned that WWF had its own certification for forests that was much less stricter than for example FSC. They worked so as to say with the corrupt forestry.

    Likewise in Sweden, the Swedish King a long time Board memeber of WWF , said ” we should consume more to help us get out of the financial crisis”!!!!

    Likewise the King is a keen hunter and said it was time ” to manage the wolf population”.
    A multrich NGO has of course money to help fund some projects , but I’m very careful with NGOs and I’m independent and put my money to fodder to my own animals. Likewise I don’t vote on any political party.


  2. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to boycott companies that mistreat the environment because they have their hands in so many things. I patronized Exxon until the Valdez disaster. Haven’t bought anything with “Exxon” actually printed on it, but it’s amazing all the stuff out there that they own or invest in that doesn’t have their name printed on it. Where does it all end with seven billion people on Earth and more arriving each day?


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