26 thoughts on “Palm oil threatens Borneo’s wild cats

  1. Dear colleagues,
    We are forwarding this alert from our Germany colleagues at Rettet den Regenwald. They report on scandalous behavior in regards to oil palm and rainforests by the European Union and ask you to take action. Please make sure you have also sent EI’s PNG rainforest alert at:

    Dear friends,

    A leaked draft EU document shows that the Commission would like to rename palm oil plantations as “forest” in order that biodiesel from palm oil plantations can still meet EU biofuels sustainability criteria. Palm oil expansion is a major cause of tropical rainforest destruction and biodiesel from palm oil can easily cause more greenhouse gas emissions that the fossil fuel it is meant to replace. Please email the new energy and environment Commissioners and ask them to amend this document to give a clear message to member states that biodiesel from palm oil has no role to play in a sustainable EU energy mix.

    The alert can be found at


    Many thanks.

    Best regards,

    Reinhard Behrend
    Rettet den Regenwald e. V.
    Friedhofsweg 28
    22337 Hamburg


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