Shell pollutes Nigeria again

This video is called UN slams Shell over Nigeria oil pollution.

Translated from Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands:

Shell in Nigeria leaking again

May 27, 2012 9:02

Shell appears to be responsible for a leaking oil pipeline in the Nigerian village of K-Dere three weeks ago. There, according to Shell over 10,000 liter of oil leaked into the ground. This is apparent from an internal, handwritten report by the oil company obtained by VARA’s Vroege Vogels. Shell suggested in recent weeks in news media that this would supposedly a case of sabotage and oil theft by local people. However, the document makes clear that the pipeline is leaking because of rust (corrosion).

Commenting on the report by Shell, campaigner Geert Ritsema of Friends of the Aearth in the Netherlands responded angrily this morning in Vroege Vogels:

“Shell suggests constantly that the oil spills in the Niger Delta are caused by sabotage and oil theft by locals. This report shows once again that in many cases, that is not true. Shell are always the first ones to suggest that leakages are caused by the Nigerians. But you never hear Shell about their own faults. And we believe that in about half of all oil spills, that is the case.”

K-Dere has been repeatedly polluted by Shell leaks. A report by UNEP’s environmental agency of the United Nations from August 2011 shows that Shell oil leaked earlier in the village has never been properly cleaned. As a result, among other things, the groundwater is still polluted.

UNEP recommends in its report that Shell should take measures to reduce risks for K-Dere and surrounding villages. But Vroege Vogels reporter Elena Lindeman herself noted in April in K-Dere that so far little or nothing had been done with this recommendation.

Read Shell’s own report here.

Alberta Hit by Another Oil Pipeline Spill: here.

Dutch singer Carola Smit and her husband break links with Shell in protest: here.

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