Worst Dutch polluters

This video about Nigeria is called SHELL Crimes: Enormous oil pollution in Niger Delta since decades.

Who are the worst polluters in the Netherlands?

Dutch environmentalists have made an Internet site, where one can vote which people are the dirtiest Dutch people. They have nominated fifty people: politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. Yes, businessmen; as there are only two women candidates (one a politician, one a boss of a supposedly “green” greenwashing front organization).

If you want to add candidates, you can do so at the site. I strongly suggest they add Mark Rutte, Prime Minister in the collapsed minority coalition government. Rutte promised “Green Rightist” policies. After he became Prime Minister, the policies proved to be Rightist indeed, but very far from Green.

Among the nominees are:

Henk Bleker, secretary for conservation in the collapsed coalition. Promoted destructive anti-environment policies. Member of the CDA party.

Dick Benschop, CEO of Shell oil in the Netherlands. Formerly a government secretary (foreign affairs) for the PvdA, supposedly a left of center party.

Sjuul Paradijs, chief editor of the Telegraaf daily. Promotes anti-science climate denialism.

Maxime Verhagen, deputy Prime Minister in the collapsed coalition government, for the CDA party.

Wiebe van der Ploeg, provincial executive member in Groningen province. Though a member of the GroenLinks (Green Left) party, officially a pro-environment party, Van der Ploeg promotes a polluting coal plant which has been judged illegal in a court of law.

Jeroen van der Veer, ex-CEO of Shell oil, now a member of the board of directors of Shell oil. Chairman of the board at the ING bank and at Philips corporation.

1 thought on “Worst Dutch polluters

  1. RPE cuts 2,200 jobs

    NETHERLANDS: Royal Philips Electronics said today that it plans to cut 2,200 jobs by 2014 to save £240 million per year.

    Saving money will lessen “the effects of macro-economic headwinds and changes in pension cost accounting” said Philips Chief Executive Officer Frans van Houten — although he cast no light on what that peculiar statement was intended to convey.



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