Moroccan workers fight for their rights

This video is about Morocco’s youth-based February 20 Movement.


Tens of thousands protest against Islamist-led Moroccan government

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tens of thousands of Moroccans took to the streets of Casablanca on Sunday in the largest opposition protest since an Islamist-led government took office in January, according to AFP news agency.

The protest was organized by trade unions which accuse Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane of failing to deliver on the pledges of social justice that brought his party to power in the wake of the Arab Spring.

“The trade unions are united and the message to the Benkirane government is clear: he needs to change his strategy,” opposition Socialist MP Hassan Tariq told AFP.

“More than 50,000 people who are demonstrating to call on the government to start a genuine dialogue addressing our country’s social ills,” Tariq added.

But police sources estimated the crowd at around half that figure, according to AFP.

Hundreds of youths from the February 20 Movement — known as M20 — also turned out in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city and the country’s economic capital.

Their movement was born of the wave of protests which took hold in the kingdom last year after pro-democracy revolts in Tunisia and Egypt toppled long-standing regimes.

Egyptian workers fight for their rights: here. And here.

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