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  1. Nigeria: Locked out call centre workers vow to fight on

    On May 1, workers at the Jos MTN call centre were locked out of the premises. MTN is one of Africa’s largest mobile phone services companies. It had outsourced its Jos call centre, which was being managed by the Telecom support services company, Communication Network Support Services Ltd (CNSSL). CNSSL closed the centre on the pretext of fumigating it.

    The staff, organised by the National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Employees (NUPTE), had previously protested against poor working conditions and low wages and mounted a picket of the building with support from the Nigeria Labour Congress.

    Following that action, CNSSL agreed to improve conditions but failed to honour its pledge. Workers again protested which led to the lock out.

    CNSSL tried to selectively reinstate some workers, but this was thwarted by a mass picket last Friday. The company then said that all the staff should report back for work and they would negotiate an agreement. However, the local NUPTE branch chairman said there would be no return to work until CNSSL signed an agreement to raise wages on a par with other call centre pay rates and to improve working conditions.

    Nigerian teachers strike over assessment proposals

    Members of the National Union of Teachers in the south-western state of Ekiti began an indefinite strike Monday. The strike followed Ekiti state government’s proposals to bring in the Teachers Development Needs Assessment (TDNA).

    The strike was called after several weeks of negotiations between the state government and the NUT failed to reach any agreement. Teachers fear TDNA will be used as a pretext to sack or demote them.

    Nigeria: Imo state civil servants face redeployment

    Last week, Imo state civil servant unions struck over the state government’s proposals to privatise some of the ministries’ activities and to redeploy civil servants into rural areas to staff Community Government Councils.

    The Nigerian Labour Congress suspended the action after the first day, following calls for emergency discussions after the government said it would not pursue its proposals. The state government then went back on its word and is pushing the redeployment of civil servants to rural areas.

    Civil servants have already been assigned to rural posts even though no office or residential accommodation has been provided for them. The state NLC chairman was quoted as having sent a proposal to the government and civil servant unions setting out how the redeployment process could be made to work.

    Nigerian Medical Association threatens nationwide strike

    The Nigerian Medical Association has threatened to call a nationwide strike if dismissal notices sent to 788 Lagos state doctors are not withdrawn. The doctors employed at Lagos state hospital had gone out on strike in April, following the state government’s failure to implement the previously agreed Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) agreement.

    The Lagos state NMA branch is due to meet with Lagos state officials in two weeks’ time.



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