Shell censors YouTube satire of its Nigeria pollution

This video about Nigeria is called Shell Oil – The Awful Truth.

Polluting multinational corporations do not seem to have a sense of humour … or of free speech

Translated from Vroege Vogels TV in the Netherlands:

Shell makes YouTube remove a satirical campaign movie by Dutch Friends of the Earth

May 25, 2012 11:08

Shell has deleted the campaign movie ‘Shell CEO, Uncensored’ by Dutch Friends of the Earth from YouTube. This appears from an e-mail which YouTube sent to the ‘Worse than Bad’ campaign of the environmental organization. In the successful satirical movie, Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands pokes fun at Shell CEO Peter Voser because of the oil spill caused by the company in Nigeria. The video was watched over 25,000 times and can now only be seen on On May 4, they copied the video and put it here. Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands are considering a counterclaim against YouTube.


For some time, Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands have been demanding that Shell should clean up all its oil spills in the Niger delta. But the only thing which the corporation has removed is a critical YouTube video which is part of the ‘Worse than Bad’ campaign

Also at the share owners’ meeting last Tuesday in the Circus Theatre in Scheveningen, Shell CEO Peter Voser dodged all requests by Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands to start with cleaning up the area affected by the company. Even about the urgent advice of the UNEP environmental agency of the UN to invest $ 1 billion into a fund to clean up Nigeria, Shell has been in denial by now for almost a year.

When I logged in at YouTube where the satirical Shell video used to be, I got the message “We are sorry. This video has been removed by the user [meaning Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands])”. That is untrue, as not Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands deleted that video there, but YouTube under pressure from Shell.

So, ‘Shell CEO, Uncensored’ has been censored.

At least, Shell this time did not use their Nigerian death squad gangsters against Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands; they pay those gangsters for violence against Nigerian farmers, environmentalists, etc.[sarcasm off]

Shell’s $4bn lobbying campaign cleared the way for Arctic oil drilling: here.

Shell Seeks to Weaken Air Rules for Arctic Drilling: here.

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  8. Campaigners target Shell petrol pumps

    Monday 16 July 2012

    by Rory MacKinnon, Scotland Desk

    Trained activists literally powered down the pumps at more than 50 Shell petrol stations across London and Edinburgh today in a bid to “draw a line in the ice” on the company’s controversial exploration in the Arctic Sea.

    Teams clad in high-visibility “Oil Spill Prevention Unit” vests began a series of lightning raids across the capital’s Shell stations shortly after 8am, triggering emergency shut-off switches on the stations’ outside walls and removing their fuses to delay the pumps’ reactivation.

    It is understood at least four people in London and five in Edinburgh have been arrested – but campaigner Sara Ayech said the group had “dozens” of activists on the move, with more than 100 Shell stations targeted in a last-ditch attempt to stop Shell from beginning drilling in the Alaskan Arctic later this year.

    “The oil giant Shell is preparing, for the first time, to unleash a drilling fleet of huge vessels upon the fragile and beautiful Arctic, home of the polar bears,” she said.

    It was “time to draw a line in the ice.

    “An oil spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic for wildlife such as walruses and whales and Shell knows full well that it would be impossible to clean up after such devastation.”

    The Arctic Circle should become a global wildlife sanctuary instead, she said.

    A Shell spokesman said it recognised that “certain organisations” opposed their exploration programme.

    “We respect their views and value the dialogue. We have extended this same offer for productive dialogue to Greenpeace.”

    Shell had not responded to repeated invitations to send a spokesperson to join Greenpeace hosts on a live webcast of the protest.

    The oil giant is the world’s second biggest earner, posting a £18.1 billion profit for 2011 earlier this year.

    The return – up 54 per cent increase on the previous year – is larger than many countries’ entire nominal GDP – more than four times the size of Haiti, twice the size of Jamaica and only slightly under Ethiopia at $29.2bn (£18.4bn).

    Were Shellandia a country, its annual surplus would be roughly comparable to the equally oil-rich country of Kuwait.


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  10. Dear friends,

    An epic struggle for survival is unfolding in the pristine Arctic ? but instead of finding a plan to save it, the US is allowing Shell to go in and drill for oil. Click below to urge US Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson to stop Shell and save the Arctic!

    Send a message
    The biggest company in the world is days away from drilling for oil in the Arctic, a breeding ground for whales and polar bears. The US Environmental Protection Agency can stop them, but it?s up to us to demand they do and save the Arctic now.

    ? Head of the Environmental Protection Agency Lisa Jackson, can right now withdraw Shell’s Arctic permit because the company is unable to meet air pollution controls for their ships, violating the terms of the permit. Environmental activists are raising the alarm, but unless we make it a huge global scandal, Shell will use it’s muscle and the Arctic will be open for the oil business.

    Lisa Jackson has stood up to the energy industry before, but Shell is a Goliath that won?t be easily knocked back. We are running out of time — let?s make this decision the line in the sand that protects this great wilderness from becoming an oil field. Click below to send Lisa Jackson a message and share this with everyone — let?s flood her with global encouragement to save the Arctic: ?

    ? ?

    The Arctic is melting faster than even most scientists predicted. Climate change is driving dangerous temperature rises — just last week, a chunk of a glacier nearly 40 kilometres long broke off Greenland. Some estimates predict that in just 4 years, the arctic will be completely free of ice in the summer months, soaring temperatures even higher and leading to the melting the Greenland ice sheet which would raise sea levels by 6 metres. ?

    ? Yet for some this planetary disaster is the 21st century gold rush. Companies and countries who hope to make billions are lining up to frantically grab their share of oil, gas, and minerals. To them the Arctic is not a home to whales and polar bears, it is a new frontier, and it?s one of the reasons why nations like the USA, Canada and Russia have spent years blocking global climate treaties.

    ? This is a simple decision: the people and planet?s future or increasing Big Oil?s profits with a 40% possibility of a catastrophic oil spill. If Lisa Jackson gives Shell the permit now then Exxon, Chevron and the rest of Big Oil will cover these beautiful icy landscapes with dirty rigs, pumps and pipes. Let?s now urge Lisa Jackson to stop Shell before it?s too late. Click now to send a message and share this with everyone:?

    ? ?

    Arctic drilling has already been condemned by the British government, Insurance companies, the US Coast Guard, and in the last week, Greenpeace and others have been taking to the streets. But to stop this madness we all need to join together to target the one person that can stop it. Let?s ensure that the Arctic is saved from the danger of drilling and instead protected as a global treasure.?

    ?With hope,?

    ?Iain, Alice, Sam, David, Aldine, Diego, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team?

    ?More information and sources:

    Rolling Stone: ?Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math?

    The Guardian: ?Arctic wilderness faces pollution threats as oil and gas giants target its riches?

    Dutch News: ?Shell is ‘world’s biggest company’?

    New York Times: ?Shell Seeks to Weaken Air Rules for Arctic Drilling?

    LA Times — ?What if an oil spill happened at an Arctic well?”


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