YouTube, Google promote climate denialism, censor anti-fascism

This 2018 video says about itself:

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming | Environmental Science

While YouTube and its parent corporation Google are busy censoring anti-fascism and pro-peace and leftist Internet sites … and promote Rupert Murdoch and other corporate media … and while Google corporation finances global warming denialists off the internet…

Now, on the Internet. From today:

Dear friends,

Avaaz has just uncovered yet another social media scandal: while our world is burning, YouTube is spreading climate denial videos to millions of people!

And they’re making money off it…

YouTube is feeling pressure from the media. But now we know that these tech giants won’t act urgently, unless they see their public brand at risk and major advertisers speaking up.

That’s where we come in!

Let’s go after YouTube first – flooding their main advertisers with our demands and surround YouTube’s headquarters with billboards. Then take our call to all other major social media platforms, their employees and regulators — and keep up the pressure until they stop spreading lies to millions!

When searching for “global warming” and “climate change” Avaaz researchers found that the YouTube algorithm was throwing up misinformation videos, that racked up millions and millions of views. The videos claimed that “global warming is a hoax”, scientists are wrong, and blaming humans for it is a “scam”!

It’s not just YouTube. Most social media’s algorithms are programmed to maximise our time spent on the platform, even if that means millions of people watching crazy conspiracy theories and blunt disinformation.

Over the years, disinformation has become one of the biggest unseen threats on our planet. From our ability to fight diseases to fighting climate change – we need to know the truth to find the solutions that save us all. That’s why Avaaz is calling on all social media giants to detox their algorithms and stop amplifying lies to millions of people. …

More information:

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6 thoughts on “YouTube, Google promote climate denialism, censor anti-fascism

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