YouTube censors Dutch history

Canadian soldiers welcomed in Alkmaar city in the Netherlands in May 1945, regional archive Alkmaar photo

This photo shows Canadian soldiers welcomed in Alkmaar city in the Netherlands in May 1945, liberation from the German nazi occupation.

The photo used to be on YouTube. Before YouTube censored it.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

YouTube has removed the YouTube video channel of the Alkmaar Regional Archive because images from the Second World War are said to be ‘hateful’. Not only the film images from the war have been removed, other historical images from Alkmaar and the surrounding area are also offline.

“This is censorship of official material”, says employee Mark Alphenaar to NH Nieuws regional broadcasters. “They punish us as hatemongers, while we are an official institution.”

Archive staff members have tried to persuade YouTube to restore the deleted channel, but so far without result.

The archive indicates that ten years have been spent collecting “often unique” images of the war and the liberation. …

The images are distributed via their own YouTube channel. Schools use the material for educational purposes. They now see the message: “This account has been terminated due to repeated or serious violations of the YouTube policy that prohibits incitement to hatred.” …

The archive says about an earlier case of YouTube censorship:

“You can defend yourself once with a notice of objection of a thousand words. We have never received an answer to that.”

Meanwhile, the YouTube channel of the Dutch neonazi party Nederlandse Volks-Unie is still working. YouTube is an affiliate of Google.

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