11 thoughts on “British taxpayers’ money wasted on killing buzzards

  1. Why must we cut while nuclear sub plan gets £350m?

    Sunday 27 May 2012

    It’s a scandal that on the same day the government in Cardiff announced a 40 per cent cut in capital expenditures, the British government awarded contracts worth £350 million to design new nuclear-armed Trident submarines.

    You might say one announcement is aimed at construction and the other at destruction – but destruction gets priority!

    The bill for Trident replacement is expected to be over £20 billion.

    It’s obscene that the people of Wales are having to shoulder the burden of cuts in a time of recession, while the British government can spend vast sums of money on weapons of mass destruction.

    Think what a difference £20bn would make if invested in jobs, youth training schemes, hospitals, schools and transport.

    Jill Evans MEP
    Plaid Cymru president



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