Greenpeace, Xena fight Shell Arctic drilling

This video says about itself: – On 24 Feb 2012 in the Port of Taranaki, New Zealand seven Greenpeace activists including actor Lucy Lawless scaled the derrick on a drillship commissioned by Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic.

This video is called Lucy Lawless protests with Greenpeace.

This is a photo of Lucy Lawless in her Xena, Warrior princess role.


Lawless, other Greenpeace activists, arrested: here.

Lawless vs. Shell update, February 2013: here.

Nearly 30,000 registered Belizeans – that’s almost 20% of the country’s voting population – cast a ballot on the issue of offshore drilling. The results? 96% to 4% voted against offshore drilling. We think this is irrefutable evidence that the Belizean government needs to act responsibly, and either end plans to allow drilling in its reef, or allow a public referendum to determine the national policy: here.

23 thoughts on “Greenpeace, Xena fight Shell Arctic drilling

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