Quebec artists against governmental anti-student smear campaign

This video is called Agent provocateurs (Quebec police officers) caught trying to start riot at peaceful protest.

By Keith Jones:

Quebec artists denounce governments’ smear campaign against student strike

14 June 2012

More than 2,500 writers, filmmakers, actors, and others active in the arts in Quebec have signed an open letter to Quebec Culture Minister Christine St. Pierre demanding that she retract her claim that the four-month-long student strike is “violent.”

Commenting on Quebec singer-storyteller Fred Pellerin’s decision to decline a government award so as to show solidarity with the striking students, St. Pierre declared last Friday, “We know what the red square”—the symbol of the strike—“means. It means intimidation, violence. It also means stopping people from studying.”

“We find ourselves today obliged to ask you to make a public apology for these demagogic remarks,” declares the open letter, which has been published on the website of Le Devoir, a newspaper close to the Official Opposition Parti Quebecois. Signatories of the letter include playwright and novelist Michel Tremblay, arguably Quebec’s most celebrated writer, film-maker Léa Pool, film and theater director Martin Faucher, novelist Marie-Claire Blais, and actors Sylvie Drapeau and Normand Chouinard.

The letter accuses St. Pierre of seeking to “debase” the public debate surrounding the students’ struggle for accessible post-secondary education and of dishonestly discrediting the red square “which you well know the great majority of those active in this [the artistic-cultural] milieu wear proudly.”

The letter says Quebec is witnessing a battle between “humanist culture” and “a business culture that is assaulting free thought,” then declares, “If the only argument you’ve decided to address to this profound ideological schism is a recourse to fear to justify the necessity of maintaining order, we insist on reminding you that this game is extremely dangerous.” In a reference to the federal government’s imposition of the War Measures Act in 1970 on the grounds that Quebec was facing an “apprehended insurrection, the letter adds, “To raise the old scarecrows of fear at the service of order brings back terrible memories of a not-so-distant history.”

Responding directly to St. Pierre’s allegations of violence, the letter says: “You like to ‘forget’ that this word which so frequently comes to your lips is not embodied in the hundreds of thousands of people, students and citizens, that walk each night on our streets, but by a police force that shamefully multiplies its acts of brutality against peaceful demonstrators.”

South Korean students, who took part in demonstrations last year calling for the halving of university tuition fees, were punished last month with fines ranging from 150,000 won to 5,000,000 won ($US4,230). As of May 28, fines totalling about 140 million won were imposed on more than 150 student protesters for holding “illegal congregations” without official approval. More penalties are likely as the police investigation is ongoing: here.

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