14 thoughts on “Egyptian, South African anti-fracking protests

  1. Dear Petrel41, This film was the most level handed one I have seen on the hydraulic fracturing process and its impact. Thank you for posting it. There are way too many hysterical descriptions out there; for example “Gasland.”
    Here is a video giving a description of the fracturing process. It depicts the lengths that the drilling companies are going to in order to keep our waters safe.

    I have worked with Professor Ingraffea (shown in your film) and can say he is an honest man.
    I can also say that I live on the border of NY/PA and have watched the arguments back and forth between the landowners and those who oppose drilling. The landowners are very calm and logical while the opposers tend to get hysterical. That tells me something.
    Also, the countries currently selling oil to the US do not want us to become independent through drilling for gas. However, it looks like they are going to go ahead with fracking in their countries. That also tells me something.
    Thank you for this post. It was very interesting.


    • Hi Waldo, the Hydraulic Fracturing video which you posted is public relations by corporations profiting from it (though the video does not name its makers and financers).

      I have heard Shell tell that they don’t cause environmental problems in Nigeria … BP used to say that their drilling in the Caribbean was perfectly safe … I heard too many things of that type by now.


      • Yes, I realize it was put together by the industry. And I also realize that the video you posted was by the anti-fracking people. In my mind there are only two things wrong with fracking; poor workmanship and companies that take short-cuts, neither of which is excusable. But fracking (or drilling, or trucking, or heavy industry, or pharmaceuticals) is safe when done with a conscience.


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  4. Leak probe at fracking site

    The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has launched a probe into a possible methane leak from a controversial fracking site on the Canonbie coalfield in Dumfries and Galloway.

    The investigation follows claims reported to the Sunday Herald newspaper that methane was “bubbling up” in wells drilled to test for the gas in the coal seams.

    Scottish Labour environment spokeswoman Claire Baker MSP said: “The allegation underlines legitimate concerns surrounding unconventional gas.”



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