Mitt Romney’s Big Oil presidency?

This video from the USA is called Jack Gerard won’t reveal how much API spends on the “Vote 4 Energy” ad campaign.

Mitt Romney May Place Top Oil Lobbyist in Charge of His White House. Lee Fang, Republic Report in the USA: “When oil companies need help in Washington, they call Jack Gerard. According to media reports in his native Idaho, Gerard is on the shortlist to become Romney‘s White House chief of staff. Gerard is the president of the American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil lobbying association in the country. For his work, he’s one of the highest paid lobbyists in the Beltway, making $6.4 million in 2010 alone”: here.

See also here.

Mitt Romney and the Women Who Don’t Love Him: here.

Fine to nail Romney with Bain Capitalism. But let’s not forget Romney’s budget proposal, which mimics Paul Ryan’s. Take a moment to make yourself aware of both, because they’re eye-opening and scary: here.

13 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Big Oil presidency?

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