Shell fraud and corruption in Nigeria revealed

This video says about itself:

The Case Against Shell: ‘The Hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa Showed the True Cost of Oil

18 May 2009

In May 2009, multinational oil giant Shell will stand trial in United States federal court to answer to charges that it conspired in human rights abuses including murder in Nigeria in the 1990s. This mini-documentary tells the story of the rise of an inspiring and nonviolent movement for human rights and environmental justice, and the lengths Shell was willing to go to stop it.

Translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands today:

Shell knew about dubious practices in Nigeria

Shell oil company knew about fraud and money laundering when they purchased an oil field in Nigeria. This says OneWorld after investigating ‘iffy’ acts of Shell in the African country. According to OneWorld, Shell acted inter alia against its own code of conduct.

In 2011, Shell paid together with the Italian group ENI more than a billion dollars for the license of the 245 oil field off the coast of Nigeria. That field contains about a quarter of Nigerian oil reserves. In addition, Shell must have known that the money was channeled to the controversial company Malabu were former oil minister Dan Etete was the main shareholder. Etete was convicted in France for money laundering.

The conduct code of Shell inter alia says, according to OneWorld, that the company does not deal with suspected criminals.

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