King Juan Carlos, resign, WWF says

This 18 April 2012 video from Spain is about King Juan Carlos killing elephants in Africa.

Translated from Dutch Teletext:

WWF increases pressure on Spanish king

Update: Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 08:05

If things depend on Van de Gronden, the director of the World Wildlife Fund in the Netherlands, then the Spanish King Juan Carlos will no longer be honorary chairman of the organization. He said that in the NOS radio show Met Het Oog Op Morgen.

Juan Carlos is honorary president of WWF Spain. Last week he was hunting elephants in Botswana. That came to light during the hunt because he broke his hip.

The WWF has sent an open letter to the king in which explanation is sought. Van de Gronden says that the letter states very clearly that the king should resign.

Juan Carlos’s expensive trip to Botswana – from which he was flown home injured – arouses anger in recession-hit country: here.

Austerity, what’s that? Spanish King Juan Carlos slammed for £27,000 elephant hunting trip as his country drowns in debt and half of youngsters are jobless. Read more here.

Reuters reports:

The king’s hunting trip to Botswana last week was revealed when he was flown back to Madrid for medical attention after slipping on a step and breaking his hip.

Animal rights supporters have called a rally for Tuesday outside the hospital where he is recovering.

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