9 thoughts on “Rhinoceros news, good and bad

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  4. JOHANNESBURG – Anti-rhino poaching groups on Saturday lauded government for showing political will to fight rhino poaching.

    Authorities seized R11.4 million worth of assets from a Limpopo game farmer who was previously convicted of dealing in rhino horns.

    Jan Karel Pieter Els lost his vehicles, household goods, game farm, company shares and contents of his bank account during the asset seizure on Friday.

    He was convicted in March for dealing in 38 rhino horns between 2009 and 2010 in the Thabazimbi area.

    He was also accused of dehorning rhino’s without a permit.

    Els asked for leave to appeal his conviction, but the court turned down his request. He is currently serving an eight-year sentence at Sinthumule Kutama Maximum Security Prison.

    He has maintained he is innocent.

    Chairperson for the South African Private Rhino Owners Association Pelham Jones said “We’re achieving something like a 96 percent conviction rate, which is probably one of the highest conviction rates of all crimes in the country. That is an indication of the very high, professional standards being utilised [by police and government].”

    Friday’s asset seizure was a joint effort between the Hawks, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Asset Forfeiture Unit, and the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs.

    (Edited by Thato Motaung)


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