King of Spain, elephant killer, petition

This video is called Baby African elephants struggle to cross a swamp in the wild – BBC wildlife.

From Wildlife Extra:

WWF Honorary President – King Juan Carlos – injured on elephant hunt in Botswana

King Juan Carlos of Spain is under pressure to resign as President of WWF Spain after he went on an elephant hunt in Botswana.


A petition in Spain has garnered some 70,000 signatures (still counting, probably way past that now) demanding that King Juan Carlos resign his presidency.

See the petition here.

Let them eat Cake‘ moment from King Juan Carlos as he lavishes an estimated £30,000 on an elephant hunt while Spain is in austerity

April 2012. King Juan Carlos of Spain, Honorary President of WWF Spain, is recovering in hospital after breaking his hip in Botswana where he was on an elephant hunt. Apparently it isn’t the first time the King has been shooting big game in Africa, or elsewhere (Apparently he killed a bear in Russia a few years ago too). Whilst not illegal, it shows a complete disregard for his ‘subjects’ and total contempt for his role as ‘Honorary President of WWF Spain’.

There seems to be a strain amongst the rich and obnoxious worldwide that it is OK for them to use their wealth to destroy wildlife for their own pleasure. Donald Trump Junior’s recent elephant hunt in Zimbabwe was bad enough, but at least he has no pretentions to be a leader of conservation and he isn’t the king of a country (God forbid) that is undergoing severe economic problems at the moment.

WWF, who must be deeply embarrassed by this, have issued the following statement:

WWF-Spain requests a meeting with Spain’s royal authorities to share concerns about elephant hunt

We appreciate the deep concerns of many of our supporters and friends who have criticised the the recent participation of His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain in an elephant hunt in Botswana. The secretary general of WWF-Spain, Juan Carlos del Olmo, has written and requested an urgent meeting with the royal authorities to share widespread public concerns and public calls for His Majesty to step down as Honorary President of WWF-Spain.

His Majesty has held the honorary presidency, a symbolic position, since his involvement in the founding of the organization (then known as ADENA in Spain) in 1968. He has no direct involvement in the day-to-day operations of WWF in Spain or elsewhere.

WWF is absolutely committed to the conservation of wild elephants, a commitment we have held since WWF’s founding 50 years ago. We are tackling the biggest threats that elephants face in the wild, including poaching and habitat loss, by working with the governments, local communities and non-governmental partners in the countries where elephants roam to secure a future for this powerful symbol of nature. Decades of hard work by WWF and other conservation groups has resulted in large and expanding populations of elephants in southern Africa, including Botswana, where some 300,000 elephants now roam across the sub-region.

Alex Callinicos recently argued in these pages that the global economic crisis is far from over. The ink had hardly dried on his words when the crisis in Spain started growing to “Greek” proportions: here.

Self-styled ‘hardcore huntress’ [Melissa Bachman] sparks outrage after posting picture of herself with male lion she shot dead on Twitter as thousands sign petition to ban her from South Africa: here.

30 thoughts on “King of Spain, elephant killer, petition

  1. out with king juan carlos of spain, fuera con rey juan carlos de espana no representa la populacion de espana con sus actos vergonosos


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  3. Wed, Apr. 18, 2012 08:59 AM

    Spanish king apologizes for elephant hunting trip

    Associated Press

    MADRID — In an unprecedented act of royal contrition, Spain’s king apologized Wednesday for having gone elephant-hunting in Africa while everyday people endure a severe economic crisis.

    “I am very sorry. I made a mistake. It won’t happen again,” King Juan Carlos said, trying to placate a rare wave of outrage against him.

    Looking sheepish and using crutches to walk, he spoke as he left a Madrid hospital where he had undergone surgery after breaking his hip in a fall during the hunting trip to Botswana.

    The 74-year-old monarch had come under scathing criticism this week after he went on the expensive safari as both Spain and its citizens struggled amid an economic crisis that has worsened by the day.

    The trip came to light when the king fell and had to be rushed back to Spain Friday.

    A royal palace official denied news accounts that the monarch left the country without telling the government. The official said that on April 2, in a routine weekly meeting with the prime minister, the king told him that the following Monday he would be in Botswana.

    Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon said Tuesday that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy always knows where the head of state is.

    The palace official said the king made the trip as a guest of unnamed hosts – so no taxpayer money was spent. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with royal palace policy.

    Many Spaniards were dumbfounded that the king could make such an opulent journey – and, to boot, one to hunt elephants even though he is honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund – while everyday people brave a 23 percent unemployment rate, a shrinking economy and fears that the country will be the next after Greece, Ireland and Portugal to need a bailout.

    For many, the trip made the king’s recent comments about how he couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the country’s unemployed ring hollow.

    News of the safari caused an uproar so loud it eclipsed Spain’s economic crisis for a few days. Members of most political parties had urged the king to say he was sorry.

    The palace official confirmed the apology was unprecedented in the history of Spain’s monarchy.

    The royal family has been in the news a lot lately – and not for the best reasons.

    The king’s son-in-law Inaki Urdangarin is a suspect in a corruption case, accused of using his position to embezzle several million euros in public contracts through a not-for-profit foundation. Then, over Easter, the king’s 13-year-old grandson shot himself in the foot with a shotgun, even though by law in Spain you must be 14 to handle a gun.

    Until now, Juan Carlos had always been a highly respected figure in Spain and almost never came in for criticism from either politicians or the media.

    The king rarely speaks out on current affairs in Spain. But with the royal family looking so bad because of the Urdangarin case, in his traditional Christmas address last year, the king made a point of saying “everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.” He said he was worried because of what he called growing mistrust of “some of our institutions.”

    Daniel Woolls contributed to this report.


  4. Confiscate their assets – give them a pension of € 450,- ( for the whole family) or put them in a museum for € 1,- an hour, that adoptive son of the generalissimo whose name should be forgotten.


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  7. Shame on him, such a hyporcrit, being “Honorary President of WWF” Spain and killing not only an animal but one that is an endangered species! He MUST QUIT NOW! (not to mention that he is literally living as a King traveling while his country is in CRISIS!) SHAME ON MONARCHY!


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