9 thoughts on “Lying Unilever commercials

  1. Pope says food is a human right

    Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI added his holy two-penn’orth today to the debate on the global food crisis.

    The Catholic figurehead told delegates at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation that access to food was a basic human right which could not be overridden in pursuit of profit.

    “How can we remain silent when even food has become the object of speculation or is linked to a market deprived of moral principles?” he asked.



  2. Tesco ‘misled’ over roaming pigs ad

    Advertising: Tesco was criticised by the advertising watchdog today for “misleading” consumers about how pigs used for its Butcher’s Choice sausages are reared.

    The TV advert broadcast in May said: “Why not try specially selected, British-farmed, expertly produced, deliciously fresh butcher’s choice bangers on your barbie? Quality and freshness at Tesco.”

    The advert showed pigs roaming in a field, in a hay barn and walking down a lane with a farmer.

    But four people out of nine who complained said the advert was misleading because they believed the meat used for the sausages came from pigs that were bred and reared indoors.



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