Fukushima nuclear capitalists linked to Yakuza criminals

This Japanese punk rock video is by Scrap, a band consisting of people who lost all through the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The song is in Japanese, except the English language chorus, which is not very complimentary for the TEPCO nuclear corporation, the bosses of Fukushima. There are English subtitles with the video.

From the Atlantic Wire in the USA:

How the Yakuza and Japan’s Nuclear Industry Learned to Love Each Other

Jake Adelstein

May 24, 2012

After the arrest of a yakuza boss for his alleged role in supplying workers to TEPCO’s Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant, we are learning the details of how Japan’s nuclear industry relied on organized crime. Since July of last year, a few months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami resulted in a triple meltdown at the Fukushima plant, investigators have been probing possible yakuza links to TEPCO and the nuclear industry under the guidance of the National Police Agency.

“Yakuza involvement in the nuclear industry is believed to go back to 2007 or earlier,” said a police source, “and the gangs involved were dispatching yakuza to nuclear sites all over Japan.”

The yakuza boss arrested has been identified as Makoto Owada, a high-ranking member of the Sumiyoshi-kai (住吉会) crime group, the second largest organized crime group in Japan with roughly 12,000 members. Owada is charged with illegally dispatching workers to the reconstruction site from May to July of last year. The Fukushima plant is located in Sumiyoshi-kai territory (in yakuza parlance nawabari). However, in his initial statements to the police at the time of his arrest, Owada admitted that he had dispatched workers, including his own yakuza soldiers, to nuclear power plant construction sites all over Japan from as early as 2007.

“If we didn’t do it, who would?” asked one mid-level yakuza boss, who defended the criminal groups’ involvement.

Woman takes on Yakuza godfather over protection racket: here.

35 thoughts on “Fukushima nuclear capitalists linked to Yakuza criminals

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  2. Japanese more opposed to nuclear power a year after tsunami

    As Japanese authorities this week ponder whether to resume producing nuclear energy, a poll shows that opposition to nuclear power is strong and growing more than a year after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe that killed 20,000 and contaminated a broad swath of farmland.

    Seventy percent of Japanese surveyed by the Washington-based Pew Research Center said they wanted nuclear power reduced or eliminated, while a year ago the nation was nearly evenly divided on the subject, with 44% urging a phaseout and 46% backing continued generation.

    The telephone survey of 700 households also found broad dissatisfaction with how the Tokyo government and energy industry officials handled the aftermath of the March 2011 disaster. The poll found 80% of respondents critical of the government, and 78% said they were dissatisfied with the direction in which the country was headed. On the economy, 93% said it was in bad shape.

    As the crisis swept through Japan last year, officials issued conflicting assessments of the amount of radiation released at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after three tsunami-damaged reactors suffered meltdowns, and wide discrepancies continue to undermine public confidence in the reports of government and industry investigations.

    (Los Angeles Times, Jun 06)

    Link: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/world_now/2012/06/japan-nuclear-fears-growing.html


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  13. Yakuza links put nation at added nuclear risk

    Japan Times — May 05

    Japan has more than 50 gigantic nuclear “pressure cookers” ripe for exploitation by terrorists. And they wouldn’t even have to lay siege to the facilities. Instead, they could just walk into a nuclear plant and leave with enough weapons-grade plutonium for a small atomic device – which later could be detonated wherever they chose.

    In Japan, getting access to a nuclear power plant is very simple: fill out a job application.

    It is now more than two years since the start of the nuclear crisis following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, and there are still no mandatory background checks for workers at its nuclear facilities.

    After the three reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex in March 2011, it became clear that Tepco, the plant’s operator, was allowing members of Japan’s organized crime groups, the yakuza, to staff the well-paid cleanup – just as they had been allowed into plants long before then.

    Indeed, members and associates of the Sumiyoshi-kai (Kanto) and Kudo-kai (Kyushu) mobs have been arrested for their roles supplying labor to Tepco and its Kansai cousin, Kepco. So the dirty secret that yakuza-linked workers and companies have long sustained Japan’s nuclear industry – along with yakuza members themselves, ex-convicts, wanted criminals, and drug addicts working there – is now public knowledge.



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