27 thoughts on “TEPCO profits prevailed over Japanese people’s health

  1. Tent to cover up crippled reactor

    JAPAN: The privateer that owns and operates the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant is building a huge tent to cover one of the worst-hit reactors, officials reported today.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company officials hope the cover will keep radioactive materials that have already leaked from spreading, prevent rainwater seepage and offer a barrier from possible leaks or blasts in the future.

    The tent is being erected to provide a temporary replacement for the No 1 reactor’s outer housing shell, which was destroyed in an explosion caused by high pressure the day after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami on March 11.



  2. Very good free radio shows on the nuclear crisis

    Posted by: “Richard Frager” science@zzz.com

    Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:59 pm (PDT)

    Excellent radio shows on the nuclear crisis _ All free and easy to download (and share!)


    1) TO THE MEMORY OF CHERNOBYL April 26, 1986 – 2011 – Yablokov and Nesterenko wrote a synopsis of the over 1,000 titles and more than 5,000 printed and internet publications that reflect the impact of radiation not just on the health of human beings but on the whole ecosystem.

    2) Mary Olson and Jacqui Cabasso – PLUTONIUM FOR NUCLEAR REACTORS? – The disaster at Fukushima makes it apparent how little is known about the operation of a nuclear power plant. For example the so-called “spent” fuel in the cooling pools on the rooftops is many times more dangerous than the fresh, non irradiated fuel. The biggest danger from the Fukuchima nuclear accident comes from unit 3 that was stocked in September 2010 with MOX, a new mixed oxide reactor fuel that contains plutonium – not as a fission byproduct – but from the outset inside the fuel rods. MOX fuel is many times more lethal than uranium fuel.

    Also a good radio show here:


    1) Radio Ecoshock Show – Fukushima accident now Chernobyl-style Level 7. Analysis of risk & radiation by Arnie Gundersen, industry insider & whistleblower. Chat w. Calif. activist Ace Hoffman. Our milk, food, water hit. Lots of news clips you never hear. The battle to control reactors, money & power.


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