Novartis Big Pharma abused homeless people as ‘guinea pigs’

This video says about itself:

Interim report on Novartis scandal unveiled

30 September 2013

A Japanese health ministry panel has unveiled its tentative report on Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant Novartis Pharma. The company allegedly manipulated clinical data of its blood pressure-lowering drug in Japan.

The panel report on Monday calls on the ministry to launch a full investigation because the drug may have been sold with false advertising.

A former company employee of Novartis Pharma was involved in studies on the effects of the hypertension drug Diovan at several Japanese universities.

The company used the results of the study to promote the drug. Annual sales of the drug in Japan have reached about one billion dollars.

The panel report says it could not confirm who falsified the data and for what reason. The person accused denied manipulating the data.

The report notes that the company made generous donations to the universities, and introduced the former employee in question to the schools. It says the pharmaceutical company itself was likely involved in the studies.

It also criticizes the universities for carrying out major research despite lacking the ability to analyze the obtained data.

The report says the Novartis ads may have been based on falsified data. It says these may fall under the category of deceptive advertising in violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Staying for a while in Japan, before going to Poland

After the Japanese Yakuza gangsters abusing homeless people as nuclear radiation cannon fodder at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant … now this.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Swiss pharmaceutical corporation ‘used homeless people as guinea pigs

Today, 14:42

In Poland, in 2007, testing for a new avian flu drug trial was conducted on homeless people, while they did not know they were used as guinea pigs. In Poland, a number of clinicians have already been convicted of this, but the pharmaceutical corporation who developed the medicine has remained untouched until now.

The Swiss pharmaceutical corporation Novartis has not been prosecuted, and a lawyer from Zürich thinks that is incomprehensible. He is still claiming compensation for one of the homeless people. That is what the German broadcaster MDR reports.

The pressure to find a medicine against the human hazardous H5N1 virus was high in 2007. In a Polish clinic, homeless people received injections for a small fee. They thought it was for a common flu virus. They did not know that they participated in a large-scale study of Novartis for a vaccine against avian influenza. Also, the homeless people did not receive adequate medical care.

Human dignity involved

According to lawyer Stolkin, pharmaceutical corporations for testing new drugs often go to poor countries where they can have medicines approved quickly. Stolkin: “It is work under great pressure and the guidelines are not being followed. In my view, the human dignity of the subjects is being violated.”

The lawyer now demands a compensation of 92,000 euros for a homeless person, on behalf of the Swiss organization Public Eye. “That person still did not know having been a subject until Public Eye told so.”

Compulsory licensing in Colombia: Leaked documents show aggressive lobbying by Novartis: here.


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