Paper corporation threatens Sumatran rainforest

This video is called The tiger report.

From Wildlife Extra:

Huge Paper Company Trashing Pristine Sumatra Forest

January 2008. An investigative report has found that paper giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and its affiliates are constructing a massive logging highway that will split in half one of Indonesia’s most important forests. The legally questionable highway threatens to devastate one of Sumatra’s last large forest blocks, home to two tribes of indigenous people and endangered elephants, tigers and orangutans.

The Bukit Tigapuluh Forest Landscape in central Sumatra contains some of the richest biodiversity on Earth, with more than 250 mammal and bird species.

Sumatran tigers being sold into extinction: here.

Illegal Pangolin Trade Threatens Rare Species: here.

14 tonnes of pangolins seized in Indonesia: here.

October 2011. Marine police in North Sumatra have seized over a hundred pangolins and arrested three men who were en route to Malaysia with the animals: here.

Origins of Borneo elephants: here.

9 thoughts on “Paper corporation threatens Sumatran rainforest


    Critical Elephant Corridor in India to be Severed

    By Ecological Internet’s project
    March 3, 2009


    Help avert a serious threat to the largest surviving
    Elephant Population in India – the imminent severance of
    the Muthanga Elephant Corridor in Kerala

    The largest and potentially most viable population of
    Asian elephants is found in the mountains of the Western
    Ghats where the three Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu
    and Karnataka meet. Of a total population of about 2000
    elephants surviving in Peninsular India in various
    fragmented habitat islands, the largest single population
    which may number over 1000 individuals is found in a near
    contiguous habitat extending over this 4500sq km tract. A
    major inter-state highway linking Bangalore with Calicut
    is planned which will further fragment the elephant’s
    seasonal migration corridor. The Wayanad Nature
    Protection Group (Wayanad Prakruthi Samrakshana Samati)
    and Rainforest Information Centre have appealed to the
    world community to help prevent the severance of this
    critical corridor.




  2. Elephant killings for ivory rising

    Indonesia: A conservationist has warned that at least 15 endangered Sumatran elephants have been shot or poisoned to death this year in Indonesia, a sharp rise over the previous year.

    Forest Ministry biodiversity director Tony Suhartono said that the giant mammals were mostly killed by poachers for their ivory.

    Mr Suhartono said the number killed in the past six months equals all of 2008.


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  5. Tiger and animal poacher nicked

    INDONESIA: Police said today that they have arrested a man suspected of poaching and trading in endangered animals.

    The man, identified only as “Feri,” had 25 stuffed animals in his house including 14 Sumatran tigers. Police also found two sacks of tiger pelts and a tiger’s head.

    There are only around 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The subspecies is under threat from deforestation and poaching.


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